Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Rodeo


Greetings to all my fellow Flash Fiction lovers. If you are looking for another vehicle to stretch your writing chops you have found it here. Carrot Ranch is hosting the first of eight Flash Fiction contests in October. I am a day past the official kickoff, but never fear, you have until October 10th to join in.

Earlier this week I was thrilled to receive the news that I was elected to Congress! Well, thankfully not our U.S. Congress, because that is one more mess. No, the Congress of which I speak is the Congress of Rough Writers, an esteemed group of wordsmiths from around the world specifically recruited to represent the Carrot Ranch.  As A Rough Writer it is my duty to spread the word about the writing possibilities at the ranch.

The first contest, which is hosted by Norah Colvin, who hails from the Land Down Under, is called When I Grow Up. Basically you will use 100 words to do the following: Cast yourself back to six years of age, knowing what you do of life in the present; what would you want to be when you grow up and how would you go about achieving that goal? Tell us in 100 words, no more no less. It can be real or imaginary, serious or light-hearted. Extra points for comparing it to your childhood choice, if you remember it.

I am going to post the link tot he page here: When I Grow Up

But now I will put together my response. It will not see this blog until the day the judging results are announced, but I hope you will check back then.