Blasted Interweb Will Doom Us All – Friday Fictioneers – 09-29-17


Benjamin used to love to come here everyday, because his dreams lived here. Once upon a time this place was where state of the art was born. But that was too many moons ago, back before the blasted interweb took over the world. Whenever the inevitable conversation at the local coffee counter began about what was sure to ruin world Benjamin would jump in with his interweb theory.

“Amazon will doom us all!” he declared.

“Twenty-five years ago you said it would be Wal-Mart,” his friend Lucius said.

Thirty-five ago it was Montgomery Ward’s,” Kevin laughed.

“You are ingrates!”








I Spy My Contact, Maybe – Flash fiction for Aspiring Writers – 09/26/17

Photo copyright – Shivamt25


Julie wasn’t sure she was cut out for this cloak and dagger stuff. Sure James Bond was a man and he made it look much more glamorous, especially the way he would sweep a gorgeous woman off her feet and into his bed. But so far in her experience real life espionage was much more mundane.

Now here she was looking for her mysterious contact named “Crust”. She was unsure if it was meant to be a metaphor or something more ironic, but either way she struggled to identify anyone who she though might fit the bill. She thought about the cryptic message she received four hours earlier and studied the room again.

There. The coffee cup with the round rim glasses on it. That was the key. Whoever sat there would be the one. She pulled out her compact to touch up her make up, thinking it would make her blend while she waited.


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – 09/26/17

I hope you will all permit a brief commercial, but I would like to get all the fiction lovers to join me in a Christmas themed 7 day flash fiction serial. I will post a theme and you will have 7 days of 1,000 words to build your story. It will start on December 12 (mainly because I will be out of the country the first ten days of December). If interested please let me know.



Puzzle Master – Sunday Photo Fiction – 09/24/17


Anna had a complex, but beautiful mind. Unlike the true life story of the fellow with a beautiful mind she was a fully functioning member of society. Her exceptional gift was the ability to solve puzzles, any puzzles. Before she was five she was knocking out the local newspaper’s crossword. The editor of the Beacon Herald scoffed at the idea a kindergartner could solve his puzzles, but when he watched her live a special bond was forged.

After that he found more and more complex puzzles for Anna, but each time her mind adapted swiftly and overcame the challenge in short order. Then the editor heard about something that was an old practice in New England where the turning of leaves is such a celebrated event. His new challenge to Anna sent a surge of excitement through her somewhat bored noodle.

The new challenge was to take a collection of leaves and without laying them on top of each other to blot out as much of the neon red background as possible. Anna’s interest was finally piqued again!


Sunday Photo Fiction – 9-24-17


My New Method for Laying Out a Novel – #AuthorToolboxBlogHop – September 2017


I can’t remember how long ago I found Raimey Gallant, but I believe it was in the 2017 A to Z Challenge, where bloggers seek to write 26 posts in 26 days according to an A to Z theme. As an aspiring novelist I am eager to collect any and all advice from others on my path to publishing success. Since I followed Raimey I have seen so many helpful posts about the process and when I clicked on the one for this #AuthorToolboxBlogHop I was again rewarded with some fantastic wisdom. After I made a comment to that effect I thought I might just have something to add to this month’s conversation, so I decided to put together this post.

I claim last November as the moment my writing endeavors took the “Giant Leap” forward. Last November I took a second stab at the event targeted at novel length writers, the National Novel Writing Month or more commonly known simply as NaNoWriMo. It wasn’t my first attempt, but it was the one where I approached with a plan as well as a solid outline of what I wanted to write. When the dust settled on November 30th I had a good first draft weighing in at 72,000 words!

I know there are several skeptics who will claim a good novel cannot be put together in 30 days. I agree, it can’t. But you can get a very nice ROUGH draft through this process. Emphasis on ROUGH, as you are probably getting my drift now. There are so many experienced writers offering tips on Twitter, WordPress and other platforms during this 30 day Spartan Race for Writers. But the overriding sentiment is JUST WRITE! It is much easier to edit and revise when you have something to edit and revise.

For those of you still reading at this point I promise I am getting to the meat of my method. Jumping off the success of the 2016 NaNoWriMo I thought wow I need to do this each year. But part of the success is having a good idea what you want to write and how the plot will flow. Enter the 2017 A to Z Challenge, where you use the letters of the alphabet to create a skeleton for your theme.

I chose to use this to brainstorm my new historical fiction novel that I will put to the test starting November 1st of this year. Using the 26 letters I developed characters, setting and plot for my novel, which I am calling the Steel Horse Saviors. A habit I developed long ago is to take the germ of a novel idea and let it simmer in my mind for at least six months before I begin to write. That gives me time to poke holes in the idea before I expend the energy to write myself into a corner. I recently violated this practice with what I thought was a sure thing and 5,000 words in I called the time of death on the sad sack.

Each day of April 2017 I posted a brief description of whatever that day’s subject was and got some valuable feedback. I will be a full six months past that experience when the flag drops on November 1st. I even created a cruse logo to use on Twitter.


Yes, I agree, I need to stick with my writing as my pictorial design skills are a step above Kindergarten crayon mastery!

But I also used Twitter along with Hootsuite to build interest in my theme.


Another thing I did was to include a two or three paragraph excerpt centered around the subject of each day’s post. It is intended to flesh out the relationships of the characters as well as to develop their personality and voice.

There is more, but I know you all have lives and projects you want to devot time to so I will stop here.

Does any of this resonate with you? Are you doing this or something similar? Will you take part in naNoWriMo2017? If so I am looking for writing buddies to encourage and be encoured by this November.


Filling Papa’s Shoes – Friday Fictioneers – 09-22-17


Zander and Grandpa always had a special bond. He was the first grandchild, the oldest of the brood and the first boy for several years. Zander liked being with Papa Max because he treated him like an equal.

No one was surprised when Max took Papa Max’ death especially hard. But the request to have his old worn out shoes drew confused looks from all.

Safely inside his room Zander carefully cleaned off the dust from Papa Max’ shoes. Not one, but two planes had crashed into the building where his Papa worked.

“I promise I will fill these Papa!”


I realize this is a week delayed from the sixteenth anniversary of the day that changed the world for so many, but with all the natural disasters at play this month the subject matter is entirely rich. Yes, this is a remembrance of 9-11-01.





The Bumbling P.I. – Flash fiction for Aspiring Writers – 09/19/17




Sarah squinted as she scanned one photograph and then switched to the next. The private eye shuffled from foot to foot, checking his watch as he considered what he would do with his fee when this wife suspecting her husband was cheating got her proof. The private eye succeeded mainly because he back-loaded his fee, promising only to charge the last 75% when the proof was offered.

“I don’t see it,” Sarah proclaimed.

“it’s right there,” the man said poking his long finger at the photograph.

“Um, no, I can tell it is someone, but not my Harry. I am not willing to ruin my marriage over a blurry photograph. What else have you got?”

The man let out a slow breath as he dropped his brief case on the table so he could rummage through the stacks of photographs inside. It took a few minutes, but he felt a sense of enthusiasm as he fished out a clear photograph he knew would seal the deal.

“You idiot!” That’s a picture of him alright, but that is me!”


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – 09/19/17




Flash the Ring – Sunday Photo Fiction – 09/17/17


Copyright – John Robinson


Simon scrambled onto the bridge, searching frantically for her face. He knew she would wait, she had to. But there was no sign of her, only strangers milling around. He couldn’t accept the possibility she would not be here. He felt a surge of optimism when he saw her friend Cassie.

“Where’s Julie?” he asked.


“Gone? No!”

“Yes, Simon,” Julie nodded without emotion. “She gave you much more time than I would have, but eventually everyone loses hope.”

“But I had to get this,”Simon said fumbling in his pockets. Cassie watched as he struggled, but finally managed to fish a small jewelry box from his pocket.

“You want to propose?” Cassie said with excitement rich in her voice.

“Of course! I would be crazy not to,” Simon answered.

“She went to the ferry! You’ll have to be the Flash to make it,” Cassie warned.

“Then the Flash it is!” Simon said before dashing toward the dock.


Sunday Photo Fiction – 9-17-17


Could Be Unexpected – Carrot Ranch Weekly Flash – 09/14/17





“The tide will smash it to smithereens,” the youngster exclaimed.

“Could be,” The old timer said as he patiently carved more detail into the exquisite sand castle.

“There is too much weight,” a fellow claiming to be a civil engineer weighed in.

“Could be,” the old man nodded.

“Don’t you feel like you’re wasting your time>” A woman suggested.

“Could be,” He replied.

A few hours later the tide finally reached his creation and everyone wanted to see what the riptide would do.

But instead the water flowed right through.

“Ebb and flow,” the old man explained.






Carrot Ranch – 08/31/17

Tearing Out My Heart – Friday Fictioneers – 09-15-17



Millie took pains to search out what she was looking for to make her point. Some said Tommy was hard headed and difficult to reach, but she loved him and vowed to work until she got through.

She could see progress in their relationship. Understanding the fact that he was a visual learner helped in many ways. She made every effort to express herself in pictures or symbolic gestures.

The slice of bread with the heart missing was the perfect way to communicate what filled her heart.

She smiled when he took the sandwich.

“Is there any milk?” he asked.