Magoo’s Close Call – Friday Fictioneers – 07/21/17

Photo copyright – Kent Bonham


The officer waited patiently while the older man rubbed the bump on his head created from the near calamity.

“I remember eights. Lots of eights,” the man began.

“Eights?” The officer asked.

“Yes my boy, an eight to my left, one to my right and one smack dab in the middle. Probably left an imprint right here! Can you see it?”

“No sir. Let’s try the color.”

“Uh, let me see. It was red, or definitely blue, no green, definitely green or maybe black,” The older gentleman babbled.

“Are you sure it was a car?”

“Yes son I’m not blind!”

I loved Mr. Magoo when I was a child. He was voiced by Jim Backus, most famous for his turn as Thurston Howell the Third on Gilligan’s Island.



Science Bridges Generations – Friday Fictioneers – 07/14/17

Photo copyright – Janet Webb



Days of old was all Evan saw when he visited his grandmother’s home. Everything there was created in the century before he drew his first breath. At fourteen history did not mean anything to him yet. He was here only because his mother made him come. She said he never knew how much longer his grandmother would be around. Grandmother tired everything she knew to connect with him, but Evan was unmoved.

Then she discovered his love of science and the way light could be refracted. Her old things were no longer boring as they created some magic.

Friday Fictioneers 07/14/17

When Penguins Drink – Friday Fictioneers – 07/05/17

It was never pretty when the penguins found the alcohol. Keeping things black & white was an unwritten rule on the continent of Antarctica. But when Bart and Arnie had their “Breaking Amish” adventure they experienced colors for the first time. All kinds of colors presented themselves immediately.

“What’s that? Arnie asked.

“How should I know, but I am trading in my boring black top for it,” Bart said.

“I don’t think the elders will take to that so well,” Arnie declared.

“As long as we don’t wear them on festival nights they’ll never know!”

“Good point!” Arnie agreed.

Friday Fictioneers 07/05/17

The Privilege of Location – Friday Fictioneers – 06/23/17

Photo copyright – Ted Strutz

Gaambatuu’s eyes were wide as he approached the ferry terminal. Wider even, if possible, than when they boarded the wide body jet in his home country of Botswana for his first international trip. It was something Charlie wanted to do for his friend he’d met during his mission trip to Africa the year before.

Gaambatuu shook his head as the ferry filled.

“Amazing?” Charlie asked.

“Wondrous. You pay so little for so much. I could move my entire village and livestock on this. But it would cost many times more.


“We are privileged.”

True, my friend.”

I was struck in my first “real” international mission trip in 2012 to Belize how bog a difference there is in our cultures. The things we take for granted are luxuries or simply unheard of for the average person. Many people here me talk about going to Belize and immediately entertain the thoughts of the tourist and luxury parts of the country, but I have only been to that part once in three trips, and only for about two hours counting our lunch in a restaurant.


The Kind of Splash that Wins the Guy – Friday Fictioneers – 06/16/17


Cindy looked at her waterproof digital watch.  Liam always took a swim between 11:30 and midnight. She turned to the sky, wishing there was more moonlight. This was an audacious stunt, even for her. All the sky-diving, bungee jumping, rapids-riding craziness would be topped if this stunt played out.

It was a Hail Mary, but nothing else pulled Liam’s attention her way. She tried not to spend too much time thinking about what could go wrong. She gulped in one last breath when she saw Liam below.

From the fourth floor roof to the pool she flew, creating a huge splash.



Can a Fella Get a Ring? – Friday Fictioneers – 06/09/17


PHOTO PROMPT © Sarah Potter

Jaun rummaged through the drawers and doors, opening, closing and re-opening again as he searched for the felt box. He knew this was where he left it when he went to serve his country four years before. Of course back then the piece of furniture was safely nestled in his mother’s attic.

Now it was some sort of make shift potting bench.

“Allie is going to kill me!” he exclaimed as he continued his panicked search.

Her words were clear. She waited as long as she intended while he did his thing and if he didn’t ask she’d do hers.

I Can’t See You Silly Bears – Friday Fictioneers – 6/2/17

Photo Prompt – copyright Karuna


Sally the baby doll envied Barbie. Not for the reason you think although that did not escape her, but because she had a head that would not swivel. When the bear brothers launched into mischief Barbie could simply turn her head. But Sally couldn’t.

One night Barbie enlisted Ken to “help” Sally get her head unstuck. Sally realized quickly Ken was no genius. “Probably why he chooses to go shirtless,” she thought.

Ken managed to turn her head, but now it was turned to face behind.

She didn’t see the bear brothers light the bottle rocket. But she felt it.


In Allen She Trusts – Friday Fictioneers – 05/24/17

Photo Copyright – J. Hardy Carroll


Annie stood in silence, taking in the enormity of what she saw. She stood on what she could see was the only section of the floor without debris. She loved Allen with all she had, but at this moment she had to wonder about his judgment.

“I know, you think I’ve lost my mind. But this space can be everything we’ve dreamed of,” Allen promised.

Annie drew in a deep breath, immediately regretting it with her lungs full of the musty air.

“I can see it,” she lied.

“Do you trust me,” Allen asked.

“Always,” Annie said pushing a smile.


The Assassin Hunter – Friday Fictioneers – 05/17/17


PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

Michael was not the greatest at being nonchalant. When he knew something he got this look on his face. Myra always said so. But Myra did not know what he did for a living. She wouldn’t know after today either, he’d make sure of that.

One of the three women talking to the manager was the assassin. The intelligence was light on this team. Too light for Michael’s taste.

He could feel the hair on his neck rise when the woman in the white sweater turned his way. Their was recognition and a dark smile. Yes, she was the one.