Revenge for Frosty! – FF -02/24/17


Ernie loved to prank others. He lived for the opportunity to get another joke on anyone.  So far it had snowed ten times this winter. Each time he built a snow man with a menacing look and sign that said it was coming for revenge. The target was the man with the hat store on main street. The whole town buzzed with excitement wondering where the next snow man would appear, claiming to be coming for the famous hat that brought Frosty to life. The hat store owner had the ultimate revenge however, because his hats were selling like hotcakes.



Where Nobody Nose Your Name – FF – 02/17/17


Mannequin fights are never fun. “Banging Plastic” is what it was called in the back rooms of clothing stores. While humans could heal, mannequins never did. Also, losing your head was not just a quaint expression.

The headless horseman was a fearsome character that got his own story. Jay the men’s section mannequin from Buy More For Less would not. His plastic nose lay in the middle of the store aisle even though nothing else would ever be found..

“I swear if anyone mentions humpty dumpty I will bust out your nose,” security guard Carl barked. “Somebody count the mannequins.”





Bring on the Water – FF – 02/10/17

Photo Copyright – Ted Strutz


I wasn’t born the day the two men from T.V.A. made their way to my Grandpa’s house. The day they told him they needed his good farmland, the land he, his dad and granddaddy had loved and worked .

“I will be right here when the water comes,” Granddaddy stated emphatically, pointing to the exact spot he would stake his life.

The T.V.A. men nodded solemnly and returned to their job further down the valley.

There was several folks watching when the water came that day.

What they didn’t know was that granddaddy’s chair was anchored with four huge concrete blocks.


Cornucopia of Trouble – FF – 02/03/17

Photo Copyright Roger Bultot


Perry strained to see what Alicia pointed to seven stores below.

“I can’t see it!” Perry declared.

“Here use the binoculars,” she said.

Perry peered through the black device and nodded acceptance.

“Blue is ten points, green is fifteen, red is fifty. If you can catch a pedestrian it is 200!”

“I know your mom said to clean out the old fruit from your fridge, but . . .”

“Don’t be a chicken! Are you afraid a girl will beat you?”

“Never going to happen,” Perry said with a tight smile. “You first”

“Oh no!” Alicia said as she dropped her melon, “There’s mom!”


All Engines Are Not Created Equal – FF- 1/27/17

Copyright – Al Forbes


Some said Mobley was a living anachronism. He loved history and anything about it, including duels. That was why he asked his friend Marvin to bring the two classic cars to the old drag strip.

“First to the line down there gets to date Susie!” he declared. Bill nodded acceptance to the challenge. Nearby Susie shook her head, she was good with neither.

“What’s in the can?” Marvin asked.

“Racing fuel,” Mobley said. “I gotta win!”

“I’m not sure these engines can handle that high octane stuff,” Marvin said.

“An engine is an engine old buddy, it will be fine!”


For Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

We Need Women Engineers! – FF- 01/20/17

Copyright – Dale Roberson


“WHERE ARE THE MIRRORS?” Alice screamed.

“Keep your voice down, there are too many people nearby. If everyone finds out we will not get our shot,” Kim said in a loud whisper.

Alice shuffled down the hall, rushing to her prize. Just inside the ribbed walls were three mirrors that could reshape your body forever. You only had to stand within the outline in the mirror and push a button.

“Three choices, Marilyn Monroe, Dolly Parton and Kim Kardashian,” Kim grumbled. “Who came up with this?”

“No doubt a man!”

Alice pondered her future, breathed in deeply and made her choice.


Ideas were slim this time, but hopefully it will generate a laugh or two. Thanks to Rochelle for hosting and to all who take time weekly to read and comment. It means a lot to me to know folks enjoy my creations.


If No One Stops We’ll All Be Late – FF – 01/13/17



Four engines raced for the Penley River Yard. Engine 206, 315, 835 and 999. First there would win a ten-year freight contract.

“Four engines racing together,” Perkins fretted.

“No one has my guts,” 206 Engineer Fred remarked. “They’ll stop.”

“Never been late, not starting today,” 315 Engineer said.

“There’s two kinds of late,” Fireman Rob noted.

“I don’t think they’ll stop,” 835 Engineer shook his head.

“Ten years of work is a lot,” Fireman John agreed.

“Ready with the brake?” 999 Engineer Jake asked.

“At this speed it would take a mile!” Fireman Alex worried.

Mayor Kramer swallowed hard as the reality sunk in. A really bad idea.


I am one year on from the decision to begin a new hobby, one deferred while raising the kids with much more demands on time. Now I have a model railroad coming together in my basement. This picture immediately generated so many ideas, but this is the one I liked the most.

If any of you Fictioneers are also model railroad folks let me know, I am excited to connect with others who have knowledge to share.



Gears for today – FF -1/06/07

Photo Credit: Sandra Crook


It took years to raise the money. Bake sales, birthday calendars, doughnuts, basically anything that could be monetized was put into the hopper as a device to raise the necessary money. But it was the awarding of the recognition as a historic site that finally granted the proper impetus to allow the renovation to succeed. The wood was new, but the steel sections were original.

Barry could feel the hair on his arms bristle when it came time to give the big wheel its first action in sixty-three years. If this happened without fail he would have work for years.


Written for Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

White Spaces – Friday Fictioneer – 12-30-16

Photo Prompt – Shaktiki Sharma

Rex Graham stood arms tight across his chest, barely holding his temper. He looked at the marquis he’d invested so much money in to advertise his new show.

“You had one job! Five million people in the city to watch a stupid ball drop could have seen this and it is just a white space!” Graham said.

“I told you it was a risky proposition, this new technology.”

“Two million dollars was supposed to eliminate the risk!” Graham barked.

“I can still make it work!” Hardy offered.

“Otherwise I’ll make a white space just like it in your bank account.”


For Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.