New Year, New Taste – YW Microstory – 9/30/15

I love the way a new year affects me. It gives me a whole slate of new possibilities. A new me if I choose, I can flush the bad taste of yesteryear.



Zigging and Zagging – Friday Fictioneers – 9-2-15

My favorite time of the week is here again, the day the fabulous Rochelle unveils the weekly photo theme for our Friday Fictioneer adventures. Last week I had one of my most favorite ever prompts. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did.

Copyright – Marie Gail Stratford

“Are you absolutely crazy? You can’t do that!” Louis said. He was standing now, pointing a finger at his business partner.

“You heard the board. If we cannot improve sales by fifty percent we’re both out!”

“I won’t be a part of this!”

“Fine. But keep your trap shut!” Henry barked.

At the next quarterly meeting the chairman of the board patted Henry on the back as he bragged.

“A seventy percent increase! Tell me how you did it?”

“We maximized our resources,” Henry replied.

“This mouse,” the chairman said, “is mesmerizing. Almost like mind control.”

“Uh-huh,” Henry swallowed hard.


Do You Catch My Drift – MFtS – 9/28/15

Need a primer to get your writing going? Then you might want to look for the Monday Finish the Story prompt. Barbara Beacham gives you a photo and opening sentence to kick off the fun. Here is my rendition.

copyright- Barbara Beacham

The A&B Building was made entirely from driftwood. To say it was unique seemed hardly a worthy explanation. That is what drove the new owner to call the Greater Midwest Register of Historical Places and request they make the three hour sojourn to see his new purchase.

The three women from the historical society stood speechless before the unique structure before them. The trio had decades of experience between them, having visited numerous locales to absorb some unique and tantalizing historical buildings. But this, this one was a horse of a different color.

Nearby, Hugh McMann anxiously watched the expressions on their faces.

Ladies, I want to tell you again how excited I am you made the trip up here from Kansas City to see my find. I know you will consider it worthy of your attention. Keep in mind it was erected in 1899.

“How could we not list it?” the lady in charge agreed.

Shooting Out the Lights – FF- Sept 25, 2015

This was was pure fun and borrowed a character and skill from a current book I am reading.

The Reclining Gentleman




Ernie’s finger itched. It was the itch like while a Special Ops sniper. These days he shimmied poles for Delta Light and Power in Louisiana. Listening to Bob, his supervisor, complain about a dark lamp on the bridge parkway made Ernie itch. Bob always complained about his work.

“Don’t you know all Mayor Hargis will see is that dark lamp? Are ya tryin’ to get me fired?”

“So change it!” Ernie said.

As dusk fell newly fired Ernie watched the DL&P truck. His finger itched, but not for long. Bob climbed the ladder and twisted out the old bulb. When he did the entire grid went dark.

“Pow!” Ernie said.


Phobia, Shmobia – Daily Post – 9/16/15

The Daily Post for today gives us this instruction: Fears evolve over time. What is one fear you’ve conquered?

I can remember when i was younger, in elementary school that speaking in front of others was terrifying. I would stutter and choke on my words as I tried to say things. Even in high school I can remember hesitating when I went to order at fast food restaurants. It was just something hard for me to do.

In high school i chose to do something called Extemperaneous Speaking, where I was given a topic and a fixed amount of time to work up a speech. It helped me begin to overcome the phobia, the difficulty in speaking in front of others. Over time I got more and more opportunites to work on it at school and at my church.

Soon, it became easier to do. Eventually i would speak in front of larger and larger groups. Then I developed the ability to speak without a script. In December of 2013 I enjoyed the opportunity to read a Christmas story to over 100 children and adults in the village of Maya Mopan near Belmopan, Belize.

I feel God gave me this ability to proclaim his good news to others. To go into the world as he commands and tell others of His saving grace. That is my most important goal with the gift he gave me.

Reading the"tale of the Three Trees" to kids at Heart House in Maya Mopan in December of 2013
Reading the”tale of the Three Trees” to kids at Heart House in Maya Mopan in December of 2013

The Striped Eggs – Friday Fictioneers – 9/18/15

I cannot say I am the happiest with my effort for this one, but here you go:

copyright – David Stewart

“it’s a zombie pit,” Eric declared, in all his ten year old wisdom.

“is not!” Annie shot back defiantly.

“Have you seen the show?” Ben asked. “They herd them in and do speriments!”

“That,” Annie said with her hand on her hips, was an old water basin. From when Mrs. Gardener had her prize winning geese.”

“They gave prizes for geese?”Ben asked.

“She raised these special kind, they laid striped eggs. All the shops paid lots of money at Easter for pre-desgined eggs.”

“What did the geese look like?” Eric asked

“I dunno, I wasn’t born!”

“Stupid girl!”


Scaring a Dozen – MFtS – Sept 14, 2015

Well it has been a while since I joined the Monday Finish the Story ranks. When last here I was in the midst of a multi-part Sophie Marceau mystery. Please accept my apologies if you invested in that series. The warm weather months just require way too much of my time to allow for writing. As we edge toward cooler months and less outdoor time I will become a more frequent contributor here and other writing places.

I hope you all enjoy the following and comment so I can know how to improve my writing and storytelling skills.

Copyright Barbara Beacham 2015

From her small balcony, the witch watched the world go by. It was not the world of her youth. No, that was 613 years ago, when she could barely pull off the slightest of incantations, when hocus pocus baffled her.

Today the world perked along at a much faster pace. iPods, iPads, those damned Smart Phones and every other electronic device had humans so distracted her spells were almost useless. She wondered if it was time to hang up her broom.

She decided that Halloween 2015 would be her final lithmus test. If she could scare a dozen humans that night she would invest in a new spell book. She craved the one on Amazon for $1313.13, but that was quite the investment. Twelve scared humans would make that investment seem worthwhile.

When Canvass Meets the Beard- Shapeshifter 13 #18 – 9/14/15

So you all know how much I love fiction prompts. So much that I created this particualr blog for fiction related writing only. I have taken part in a number of prompts: Friday Fictioneers, Sunday Photo Fiction, Monday’s Finish the Story and some of Yeah Write’s offerings. A fairly new adventure is presented by Grammar Ghoul. They have two prompts, one called the Mutant 750 which provides a word and picture prompt and graciously allows you 750 words to make your story.

But they also have a microfiction challenge that has a varying amount of words each time. The following is for that prompt for this week. There is only 26 words budgeted this time with two words to include within that number. The story is to include “Canvass” and Beard”. Here is what I came up with.

Six tentacles arched above the water toward his all-important canvas. Haggis tugged hard at his long grey beard and listened to the crunching of his hull.