The eBay Bargain of a Lifetime – Friday Fictioneers – 08-18-17



Mack stood speechless at the door to Kelly’s bath room. He’d spent countless hours trying to plan the perfect opportunity to pop the question. While doing so he needed a place to stash the ring. his best choice finally presented itself in the doll cabinet he never had seen Kelly open. She would never suspect a thing.

But now he stood before an empty cabinet as Kelly told him she took her friend Kristin’s advice and sold the dolls on eBay to get money for her wedding. Mack felt a wave of nausea when he considered the money he’d spent.




What’s Berry Picking without Music?- Carrot Ranch Weekly Flash – 08/10/17


This was the first time Ed had picked berries in so many years. The dream job pulled him to the other side of the country and away from his family and traditions. Still, something seemed strange about this berry patch he remembered so well. Try as he may he couldn’t place what it was.

Two hours later while emptying his smaller container into the larger one he began to sing. His mother, sister and cousin peeked out of the berry bushes to listen as he crooned a song sung by his grandfather years before.

“That’s my boy!”






Carrot Ranch – 08/10/17

More Than a Cupful – Flash fiction for Aspiring Writers – 08/15/17



“This is exactly why we always use a mug!” Allie exclaimed. “Except we usually can use the handle without fear of mess.” She shook her head as she studied the frothy mess before her, trying to decide how to deal with the overflowing concoction. Her apprentice followed directions but still there was something amiss.

She stepped to her left around the younger woman who stared at the mug as if it had three horns and snatched the suspect ingredient package from the shelf. She turned the container so she could read the back. Within seconds her suspicions were confirmed. The manufacturer had fixed their error of making the ingredient too weak without notifying anyone.

“It isn’t your fault Kayla! The boys at the factory are having fun at our expense!”



What Secret Identity – Sunday Photo Fiction – 08/13/17



Technology always catches up with everyone, including Superheroes. It happened to Wonder Woman first when the scientists took the time to bite into stealth technology. Her invisible jet suddenly became the subject of intense scrutiny which lead to her having to convert to alternate transportation.

Next it was Thor and his hammer, Batman and all his toys and even the mighty Hulk having to jump through hoops instead of smashing things. But through all this one superhero stood tall. He was still leaping tall buildings and outrunning bullets with ease.

But then technology got into his business in a bigger way than any of the others because cell phones began erasing his most vital tool, the phone booth. Superman knew where every phone booth on Earth was, so being able to pop in and make the change was no big deal.

But now the numbers were dwindling at such a rate he was concerned about his secret. How would he continue to do it?



I Can’t Find the Stash – Friday Fictioneers – 08-11-17

Copyright – CEAyr

Lester remembered every moment of the night they pulled the largest heist in their storied history. He never liked the name they earned, The Nightmare Squad, but Hobbes convinced him it would work to their advantage. Lester put it out of his mind, knowing this last heist would be the most risky.

Lester blinked to focus his eyes as he studied the note Hobbes left behind when he was caught by the federal authorities.

“Find the rock, find the happiness. You know where to look . . .”

Lester wished the feds had waited one more minute to nab his partner.





A Team is Born – Flash fiction for Aspiring Writers – 08/08/17


The school administrators were at their wit’s end. No matter how much attention as well as guidance they sourced that way Ling and Ming could not seem to find a way to work together. More and more they struggled to even breathe the same air. But all the aptitude tests continued to build the scenario that them as a team was the very best choice. But how to bring this to fruition remained elusive.

Then the brilliant plan was hatched to make it so they had no choice but to collaborate. First came their reassignment to the furthest dorm from their class locations. Then the replacement of their single bicycles with the tandem. Ling and Ming saw what was happening, but they could do nothing to stop it.





Here Is Where You Can Stick Your Sign – Sunday Photo Fiction – 08/16/17


Folks from all over town continued to gather for the show. All knew it was coming, because the history of the two families was so well known.

Facing off on Main Street was two of the town leaders, McCamis and Staley. Their faces were red and their voices growing ever louder. Staley, as the head of the public works was here in an official capacity. It was his task to keep things running smoothly in the town. Occasionally that meant he had to inconvenience some for the good of the whole. But to choose this day to do so was what had McCamis so mad.

“You know my family has crossed this route on this day for over 100 years to commemorate Grandfather Boyle McCamis’ final push to regain the city from our enemies.”

“It is fifty feet, go around!” Staley growled.

“One hundred five times we have cast our steps on this path and today will be no different!” McCamis sneered.




What Kind of Stalker? – Friday Fictioneers – 08-04-17

Copyright – Dale Rogerson


After many uncharacteristically silent moments at the monthly garden club meeting Marge broke the silence.

“This is disturbing!” she said.

“It’s exactly what each club member said was missing isn’t it?” Trudy asked.

“Yes,” Marge replied.

“We have a stalker!” Allie joked.

“Not funny,” Marge snapped.

“Don’t you get it? Flower stalks?” Allie giggled.

“Someone trespassed in our gardens!” Trudy exclaimed.

“Trespassed? Since when are we defending our space?” Allie asked.

“Did you read the note?” Marge asked.

She held it up to read.

“Roses are red, violets are blue, I came for the blooms, now I come for you!”






As Transparent as the Water – Carrot Ranch Weekly Flash – 07/26/17




Justine could not pry her eyes away from the crystalline beauty before her. She stood inches away from the lapping waves wishing she could see into Tim’s heart as easily as she watched the tiny seas creatures playing in the waters here. But his heart was guarded because of his past.

She knew she could help him, when he was ready to let her. But when that would be was what gave her pause. In her gut she felt like he was worth the wait, but every voice around her said different.

She alone had to decide.




Carrot Ranch – 07/13/17