The Bumbling P.I. – Flash fiction for Aspiring Writers – 09/19/17




Sarah squinted as she scanned one photograph and then switched to the next. The private eye shuffled from foot to foot, checking his watch as he considered what he would do with his fee when this wife suspecting her husband was cheating got her proof. The private eye succeeded mainly because he back-loaded his fee, promising only to charge the last 75% when the proof was offered.

“I don’t see it,” Sarah proclaimed.

“it’s right there,” the man said poking his long finger at the photograph.

“Um, no, I can tell it is someone, but not my Harry. I am not willing to ruin my marriage over a blurry photograph. What else have you got?”

The man let out a slow breath as he dropped his brief case on the table so he could rummage through the stacks of photographs inside. It took a few minutes, but he felt a sense of enthusiasm as he fished out a clear photograph he knew would seal the deal.

“You idiot!” That’s a picture of him alright, but that is me!”


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – 09/19/17





When No Can Mean Yes – Flash fiction for Aspiring Writers – 09/12/17


Ravinder despised the word no. Hated it, one might say. If the word or any synonym came attached to a desire of Ravinder’s it only served to galvanize his resolve. Such was the case when he expressed his wish to have a gorgeous flower garden to enjoy.

“No,” said his wife, we have no ground favorable for that.

“No,” said his friend, you have no knowledge.

“No,” said the gardener next door, “I have no time to teach you how.”

But all this resistance only translated into a an unquenchable desire in Ravinder.   Six months later a local reporter snapped a photo of Ravinder’s beautiful garden for a People feature page in the newspaper.


Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – 09/12/17




Hands Like Hugo – Flash fiction for Aspiring Writers – 09/05/17


If he wanted to be Hugo he had to learn to hold out the note as long as possible. Practicing the act required a lot of concentration and a specific way o handling the attempt. He struggled or weeks trying to expand his breathing prowess to pull o the eat, but it wasn’t until he got the hand right that he made the breakthrough.

Watching Hugo over the years he had never seen what he did with his hands. Not until he caught a grainy old video someone had loaded to YouTube. Then, he saw how Hugo did it! It was all in his hands.





The Taste Test – Flash fiction for Aspiring Writers – 08/29/17



Photo belongs to Jade Wong


“Now friends we must stay together as there is several groups here today and I have to account for each of you when we return to the front. Please keep your hands off the exhibits as we want our other guests to enjoy these beautiful pieces of art for years to come,” the young male tour guide for the art museum half-whispered through the headphones everyone donned when they entered the art museum. He was right their was a couple thousand patrons playing a real life game of pin ball trying to see the exhibits.

“Oh friends I want to take an extra few moments with this one,” the young man whispered excitedly.

“Is that real blood?” Jimmy asked, his hand shooting up after his exclamation.

“No dummy, it is just corn syrup and food dye,” Susie answered before the guide could draw his breath.

“I’m gonna see,” Jimmy said licking his finger before he reached to touch the red on the sculpture.



Take the Knee – Flash fiction for Aspiring Writers – 08/22/17


Alanna stood studying the piece of paper with the carefully created map. She loved puzzles immensely, so when Drew related how he decided to make her birthday a huge treasure hunt she was beyond thrilled. She absent mindedly fingered the new necklace she discovered looped around a monitor that told you when it was safe to cross the street at an intersection.

Drew knew not to make the clues too easy or she would not enjoy the game. Alanna had a sharp mind that required just the right amount of stimulation to get it firing on all cylinders. So far Drew’s plan flourished wonderfully.

Alanna screwed her pretty face into a type of snarl as she thought about what she should be looking for. Drew smiled as he knew he was making her work for this one. He was ready to “take a knee” as soon as she figured out the hiding place of the solitaire he had for her.





More Than a Cupful – Flash fiction for Aspiring Writers – 08/15/17



“This is exactly why we always use a mug!” Allie exclaimed. “Except we usually can use the handle without fear of mess.” She shook her head as she studied the frothy mess before her, trying to decide how to deal with the overflowing concoction. Her apprentice followed directions but still there was something amiss.

She stepped to her left around the younger woman who stared at the mug as if it had three horns and snatched the suspect ingredient package from the shelf. She turned the container so she could read the back. Within seconds her suspicions were confirmed. The manufacturer had fixed their error of making the ingredient too weak without notifying anyone.

“It isn’t your fault Kayla! The boys at the factory are having fun at our expense!”



A Team is Born – Flash fiction for Aspiring Writers – 08/08/17


The school administrators were at their wit’s end. No matter how much attention as well as guidance they sourced that way Ling and Ming could not seem to find a way to work together. More and more they struggled to even breathe the same air. But all the aptitude tests continued to build the scenario that them as a team was the very best choice. But how to bring this to fruition remained elusive.

Then the brilliant plan was hatched to make it so they had no choice but to collaborate. First came their reassignment to the furthest dorm from their class locations. Then the replacement of their single bicycles with the tandem. Ling and Ming saw what was happening, but they could do nothing to stop it.





Ugly Ducklings Be Gone! – Flash fiction for Aspiring Writers – 08/01/17



Alex had dreamed of this day for years. Well, maybe not quite that long, but months at least. Being the ‘ugly duckling’ to older and more beautiful sisters built a sort of expectation that love would prove elusive to her for a long time. But then everything changed. She began to grow from her five foot stature into the tallest sister.

Contacts and braces chased the duckling image into the shadows. With this change came a new confidence and bright smile. The smile. That is what caught Evan’s eye at freshman orientation. A few weeks later and they were an item, spending every free moment together.

She couldn’t believe how her life could’ve changed so much so quickly. Now here she was enjoying a breath-taking view of the clearest waters she had ever seen. With her fingers laced in Evan’s, she leaned against him as they sat in the sand and breathed in the salty air. Perfect.



Brendan’s Way – Flash fiction for Aspiring Writers – 07/25/17


No one believed Brendan could cross the lake alone.

Everyone declared he was at the least foolish and surely insane to take his boat a cross the big lake alone. But Brendan believed in himself. So much did he believe that he made a wager with his friends that he could cross the lake faster than anyone before. Sure Brendan could have cheated in his quest, but there was this code of honor that everyone confidently believed would be his doom. No, Brendan would do it the hard way even at his own peril.

The time came for his great adventure and Brendan made every effort to assure his body was ready. The weather was perfect, the water as calm as could be expected and he set off. Chopping into the water made Brendan feel so alive he found extra strength in his work. His friends watched from afar with binoculars as he made his way wave by wave toward them.