Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction – 03/23/17

CRFF32317.pngMarch 23, 2017 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write about an audience. It can be broad or small, and gathered for any reason. How does your character react to an audience? Is the audience itself a character. Go where the prompt leads.


Brent didn’t like this moment. It took him longer to unpack his instrument than most. But he knew he had to do it with care due to his affected limbs. His mother tried more than once to explain cerebral palsy to him and why it made things so much harder for him, but all he knew was that it hurt and made his life much more cumbersome.

Brent slid his hand in the custom loop that would allow him to retain control of the bow and began to play. One by one people gathered to hear his flawless music.


Hide the Triplets – FF -03/24/17

Copyright – J. Hardy Carroll


“Personally I like the rounded look. We are basically making a bunch of spikes, almost weapons on these fence panels,” Harmon said as he toiled on the order for the massive fence that would line the perimeter of J. Hardy Carroll’s estate.

“Mr. Carroll was very specific Harmon. He wants this design and this one only,” Butch the boss man replied.

“Makes you wonder what he is protecting or hiding,” Harmon commented.

“Only a set of the prettiest triplets God ever created. Louie said they are models.”

Harmon knew this, it was why on this panel he made it weaker.


Girl With the Bad Habit – SPF – 03/19/17


Each week a photo is used, donated by one of the participants of Sunday Photo Fiction, and the idea is to write a story with the photo as a prompt in around 200 words.

Teresa, without the H had real issues with the order. She had been counselled by everyone from sisters to the Monsignor about her unwillingness to submit to the program. Teresa without the H would not relent however. She said God was color blind accepting all who came with the right heart.

By all accounts she was perfect in any other measure, but the wearing of white was infuriating.

After supper one evening she was walking through the third floor when an unfamiliar man appeared from the shadows.

“You cannot continue this!” He said.

‘Why is this a matter for your consideration?”

“It is not as simple as black and white. Consider this your last warning!”

Teresa without the H shuddered when his hot breath bit into her neck.

The next day Teresa without the H was also without the white.


Dystopia Is Real – Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers -3/14/17


No one knew the real date the world ended because it was done with such stealth. The government wished it could do things this way, but in truth only one organization had this skill. The proof was that no one claimed it was true. Banks kept lending money, people kept getting married, having children and going to their jobs.

The world could have known. Would have if Jacob Smithson had finished his ninety-one mile trip from Scranton to Allentown, PA. He had installed the global warning system there, nineteen stories deep in the earth. It had sapped the entire fortune made from his grandfather’s San Francisco gold mine, but Jacob knew there had to be a way to let the world know.

Almost 75 years later his old car still rested off the two lane road where the Chapman Group agents forced him to stop. His skeleton was scattered for miles in every direction so no proof remained. Now the world was continuing on oblivious to their fate.




When Antichans Lose Their Way – FF -03/17/17


“Legend says they were once equal, sharing the gold. But the Leprechans resented their cousins, wanting sole hold over the treasure,” Ann said.

“What happened?”

“Some called it a war, but really just a family skirmish. Leprechans got control of the gold, but at a steep price.”

“What price?” Jill asked.

“They were willing to shrink down to the height of a young mulberry bush for the right to the gold. Their cousins the Antichans remained their normal size and moved on.”

“So this is an old Antichan compass?”


“They’re gone now?”

“Only one I know does food commercials.”




Can a Rock Give or Take Life? – SPF – 03/12/17


Mitch had the guard’s schedules memorized. He should know them inside and out since he created them six months before today for this exact event. Sure the old astronaut uniform was bulky, and smelled like someone had used it without the sanitary features to deal with bathroom needs, but it was the only way he could sneak out the chunk of rock he had to have.

Doctor Abernathy convinced him it was the magic bullet he could use to save the love of Mitch’s life, Kristin, who remained connected to a roomful of machines after a decade and a half in a coma. All Mitch had to do was navigate one hundred thirty more yards of museum displays and then make a dash across the parking lot to his car.

He had no idea Doctor Abernathy’s life rested in the hands of Viktor Kazlensky, an Albanian drug lord, or that a bullet with his name on it would find a home in his body the moment the doctor wrapped his fingers around this million dollar rock. The promise of holding Kristin again was too much of a possibility for Mitch to ignore.


Honeymoon at Niagra – CRFF – 03/09/17



From the walkway overlooking Niagra Falls Jessie felt the awesome splendor of this gorgeous wonder. She felt like that with Sam once, but now they were married.

“Promise me!”

“Anything,” Sam said, taking her hand.

“Promise we won’t be boring.”


“I’m serious!”

“Not on your life. Stories will be written about us through eternity.”

“You’re right, this place is amazing!”

Actually I got a complaint a little earlier,” Sam said.

“From who?”

“The star of the show,” Sam said motioning over his shoulder with his thumb at the roaring water. “You’re upstaging it.”

That drew Jessie’s beautiful smile.


Speak into the Antennae – FF – 03/10/17


Copyright – Shaktiri Sharma


“Unbelievable ,” Grandpa George exclaimed. At 85 his mind was still so sharp and Sydney loved to spend time with him. It was his engineering prowess that attracted her. Of course his biggest accomplishments was in ballistic missile technology, but their was still a kindred admiration.

“What’s the range?”

“The battery is the limiter,” Sydney answered. “This model has the latest from our lab. With it the drone range is 25 miles.”

“You must be careful my Sydney. Uncle Sam will try to corrupt your wonderful talent like they did mine.”

“No worries G.G. No one’ll believe a blonde like me did this!”


Zenner’s U.F.O. Reality – SPF – 03/05/17

pottery.pngLosing the love of your life like Callie did can either make or break a girl. For Callie it birthed a deep and strong fire. Not hot enough to finish the craft she chose to devote her heart to, but enough to create a pottery making empire.

I heard that the ink was still wet on Callie’s 30 year deal to supply Pier One with pottery when Zenner Ambrose stumbled into her shop supposedly finding his way home after a six month alien abduction. Her heart barely fluttered when he spoke her name, and his story registered little more in her mind.

“Sorry Z, I am married to my business now!”

Later Callie checked for lingering nosey eyes in her work shop before closing the heavy front doors. She made her way past pumpkins, pots and sundry other objects toward two huge nondescript trolley doors. Beyond the she let her hands slide admiringly over rows of new spaceships.

“Does anyone suspect?”

“No Jan-Ja Ri. Picking Zenner as your scapegoat was genius!”

“The fleet is nearly rebuilt. This time without Private Hudson gunning for us we can take over the earth!” Jan-Ja Ri nodded.

spfIf any of you are fans of the Aliens science fiction franchise you will remember Bill Paxton played Private Hudson. He was one of my favorite movie actors and I was saddened to hear of his passing. The above was a cross reference to that role.