All or Nothing – Flash fiction for Aspiring Writers – 10/10/17


Penelope’s heart sunk when they approached the door. This was the last known safe haven for miles and the coding was clear, there was only space for three more souls here.

Jerome saw her face, so he immediately tried to reassure her. He pointed at the smiley face with an optimistic tone from his lips. “I see four!”

“They were rushing!” Penelope said through tears. She looked at her small children whom she huddled closer to her body. “It’s all of us or none,” she declared.

Jerome knocked at the door with the rhythmic combination last communicated.



Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – 10/17/17


I hope you will all permit a brief commercial, but I would like to get all the fiction lovers to join me in a Christmas themed 7 day flash fiction serial. I will post a theme and you will have 7 days of 1,000 words to build your story. It will start on December 12 (mainly because I will be out of the country the first ten days of December). If interested please let me know.