Making the Connection- Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer – 05/23/17


Miriam settled on the beach for the final time trying to keep the fond memoires fresh in her mind. She never expected to be here, much less take back such treasured memories. It was all a mistake, her being here. First there was the mysterious invitation she received in her email. But it was from Bradley, the guy she lost her heart to as a freshman at the university.  Any chance to re-board that train was one she would take.

How could she know it wasn’t from him but from his roommate, Eric, who had loved her from afar for the whole time the trio worked their way through their courses. She liked Eric and wondered why he always complicated her efforts to be with Bradley. Only this weekend did she learn the truth of his affections. Eric had begged Bradley to create the opportunity.

Now as she sat holding his hand she wondered what her new reality could be.



The Assassin Hunter – Friday Fictioneers – 05/17/17


PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

Michael was not the greatest at being nonchalant. When he knew something he got this look on his face. Myra always said so. But Myra did not know what he did for a living. She wouldn’t know after today either, he’d make sure of that.

One of the three women talking to the manager was the assassin. The intelligence was light on this team. Too light for Michael’s taste.

He could feel the hair on his neck rise when the woman in the white sweater turned his way. Their was recognition and a dark smile. Yes, she was the one.


All Trades Are Not Created Equal – Carrot Ranch Weekly – 05/12/17

crff051217.png “For sure it is a tired cliché,” Donaldson heard his doppelganger say. “Trading places would be easy though. You take over my business and I yours.”

“You know nothing about building hydro dams and I nothing about building cruise ships,” Donaldson answered.

“We both sit in offices the whole day. How often do we actually do the work?”

“True,” Donaldson said. “Why not. For thirty days then we switch back.” The men shook and parted, ready to live a different life.

The doppelganger phoned his boss minutes later.

“We’re good. I will tank the stock at first light sir!”




Love the Girl, Not the Ride – Friday Fictioneers – 05/12/17


Julie loved being with Tucker. He was the kind of guy every girl wanted. She knew that was true because they could go nowhere without every single girl staring. But Tucker always reassured her by clasping her hand tighter as they walked. Until he didn’t.

Julie watched, listened and supposed what was to blame. Was it Christina, Maddie, or  Victoria? Eventually she realized it was the new car. Tucker treated it better than her when they first met.

So she made her point, first by smashing the rear view, then with a baseball bat she bashed off the side view.


Is it in the cards? – Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – 05/09/17

FFfAW050917 There are arenas all around the world where the most recognized sporting events are set. The kinds of locales known across the spectrum of interest: Wimbledon, Augusta and the like. But in all the world there was only one that mattered to the Kenner Valley Bridge Club. It was the manicured 24 x 24 foot square where they would decide the 111th Bridge Championship.

From 32 teams they had whittled down to the prerequisite two. The favorites, from the city, was the sister duo of Harriet and Hailey Carmichael. They would attempt to win their third straight championship and seventh in the last decade and a half. Their confidence was unshakable, especially since they considered their opponents to have no chance.

But Ally McNeal and Carrie Shuman knew the game so well they had hardly sweated through their side of the playoff bracket. They weren’t afraid of failure because they had nothing to lose.

The murmurs subsided when the quartet settled in their seats. A capacity crown awaited this epic battle, along with the hysterics the Carmichaels always brought with them.


A to Z Reflections – April 2017

This is my first reflections post. I did not do one following my first A to Z in April of 2013 even though I finished 26 daily posts. In 2015 & 2106 I did not finish the challenge, so a reflection post did not seem genuine. But in 2017 I am embracing a totally different attitude about not starting something without making a solid effort to finish.

When I thought about how I wanted to approach the 2017 A to Z Challenge I was fresh off an exhilarating month doing the 2016 National Novel Writing Month effort. You know all about that, you write at least 50,000 words in 30 days. I chose the second book in a series about an F.B.I. agent duo. I exceeded the suggested goal by over 21,000 words and found a new confidence and drive I have been able to capitalize on moving forward.

My approach for the A to Z followed with the idea to brain storm my next NaNoWriMo project over the 26 posts challenge. The Steel Horse Saviors is about three Civil War veterans, two Yankees and one Rebel, who take their steam locomotive west to seek their post-war fortune. In the process they encounter Clementine O’Grady a auburn-haired beauty fighting to save the family business that causes each of them to reconsider their efforts to escape their various pasts.

If you missed any of the posts you can go to the page on The Fiction Playground where they as well as the Recaps are collected: 2017 A to Z Challenge

Since I have not written anything on this yet the posts I shared are actually my feeling out of the possible characters, plot lines and settings. I will not and cannot say everything posted will absolutely find its way into the novel. After all editing can sometimes wipe out plot, setting and even beloved characters, but at this point this is how I see things going.

My Opinion of the 2017 A To Z

I may draw some response from this, but I know there was a lot of concern about the new method of adding posts to the Letter of the Day post each day. I am interested to see if the A to Z folks will give their opinion, but I feel a little disappointed in the experience. Perhaps my topic was just not that appealing, but I hoped for more engagement with others taking part. I tried to connect with new folks because I need new content to read.

I know in the past there has been around 2,000 bloggers that sing up for the challenge. I don’t know how many of that number actually take part, but on the Facebook page for each letter the comments of people adding links were roughly 10-15% of that number. Is there another place to look for the posts? I really don’t know.

I like the camaraderie of this challenge and I feel like I have connected with some new bloggers that will turn in to long term friends. Maybe the growth will come as the days go on, I guess I should wait and see, but I just hoped for more.

New Blogging Friends and New Content

Another desire during this 26 piece challenge was to find at least 26 new bloggers to add to my collection of like-minded folks who I could go to for new content. We cannot allow ourselves to remain within the narrow confines of what we know or think. How can we learn? How will we grow? We must look for new thoughts and ideas and entertainment through other’s work. Here is the lineup of new folks I now follow:

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Life Without Mom – Friday Fictioneers – 5/05/17

Photo copyright- Sandra Crook



Sophie stared blankly at the photo of Maynard Hall.

“Detective Marcus!”

Sophie’s eyes flashed at her when the harsh tone registered.

“Just coming to my office is not enough.”

“Should be.”

“It’s not. You were hours away from a mental break after your last visit to Maynard.”

“I almost caught him.”

“Maybe you need a new career.”


“You are young. You could do anything.”

“I catch killers!”

“At what cost?”

“Lives are saved because of me,” Sophie said, teeth clenched.

“What kind of life do you have?

“One with no mother.”

“Because of him?”


This is another small scene with my detective character Sophie Marcus.


If I Was a Fly on the Wall – Sunday Photo Fiction – 04/30/17



In fly circles Freddie the Fly was a legend. He had survived longer than anyone else could remember. But he also had put up with more. There was the near miss of the Venus Flytrap in December of ’16. The scorch marks from the Zapper of February ’17. But what irked Freddie most of all was the saying he heard from humans, “If I was a fly on the wall!”

Freddie finally got his say one morning when he found a leftover can of Five Hour Energy and a laptop open to the word processor. He decided this was his time.

An Open Letter to Humans, by Freddie J. Fly:

Dear Humans,

If you think being a fly on the wall is all that then let’s trade. First of all I barely ever get a chance to rest my wings on said wall before you are trying to whack me with whatever is in your reach. A newspaper, flyswatter, hairbrush, hammer or another inanimate object is usually on the way.

Trust me there is no information or activity in the world worth your life. Buzzing around is a little less hazardous, but you still are after me. Just let me be, well, me!


Freddie J. Fly



VR Won’t Put Money in Your Pocket – Carrot Ranch Weekly Flash Fiction


“What the heck is Ramsey doing out there Clem?” Abe questioned.

His seventy-two year old neighbor was blasting away at the ground, kneeling to watch the newly created hole, moving another ten feet and repeating the process.

“Ever hear of them Virtual Reality things?”


“Apparently Ramsey strapped on Aaron’s new set last night and watched the Beverly Hillbillies. Now he’s convinced he can repeat Jed’s luck,” Clem said

“Stupid redneck. Don’t he know he is using the wrong ammo?”

“What are you talking about?”

“In Jed’s book ‘Finding Oil For Dummies’ he said to use real lead shot!”