The Privilege of Location – Friday Fictioneers – 06/23/17

Photo copyright – Ted Strutz

Gaambatuu’s eyes were wide as he approached the ferry terminal. Wider even, if possible, than when they boarded the wide body jet in his home country of Botswana for his first international trip. It was something Charlie wanted to do for his friend he’d met during his mission trip to Africa the year before.

Gaambatuu shook his head as the ferry filled.

“Amazing?” Charlie asked.

“Wondrous. You pay so little for so much. I could move my entire village and livestock on this. But it would cost many times more.


“We are privileged.”

True, my friend.”

I was struck in my first “real” international mission trip in 2012 to Belize how bog a difference there is in our cultures. The things we take for granted are luxuries or simply unheard of for the average person. Many people here me talk about going to Belize and immediately entertain the thoughts of the tourist and luxury parts of the country, but I have only been to that part once in three trips, and only for about two hours counting our lunch in a restaurant.


Let it fly at the bird – Sunday Photo Fiction – 06/18/17


None of the roughly five thousand students who crossed the Cramer University campus every day gave much thought to why the tan bird was installed atop the student center. There was a plaque, but it was old and nothing of interest to anyone of the twenty-first century. In truth the bird had become the target of a great competition that came around every spring.

The grounds crew at Cramer got really steamed when the tradition began nearly three decades earlier, because trying to get the paint removed from the homemade catapults was no easy task. But as with all things knowledge and preparation provided a way to lessen the lasting impact.

Also, even though he made a yearly declaration the practice was forbidden, the university president had come to enjoy the spectacle and had increased the minimum distance this year to challenge the partakers of the hijinks. The engineering students felt equal to the task as their prototype testing proved they could reach their target.

But there was an unknown player in the mix this year. Known simply as the Eagle Squadron their boast was that they could hit the bird on no less than seven of ten attempts.



The Kind of Splash that Wins the Guy – Friday Fictioneers – 06/16/17


Cindy looked at her waterproof digital watch.  Liam always took a swim between 11:30 and midnight. She turned to the sky, wishing there was more moonlight. This was an audacious stunt, even for her. All the sky-diving, bungee jumping, rapids-riding craziness would be topped if this stunt played out.

It was a Hail Mary, but nothing else pulled Liam’s attention her way. She tried not to spend too much time thinking about what could go wrong. She gulped in one last breath when she saw Liam below.

From the fourth floor roof to the pool she flew, creating a huge splash.



When Trust is Absent – Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – 6/13/17


Picture copyright Majesticgoldenrose

“What is the purpose?” Liz asked. She stood with her arms crossed. the usual signal of her body language that meant she wasn’t inclined to agree with John’s words.

“The purpose? To complete a marriage license. You know, the paper we have to have to make our dreams a reality.”

“I mean what is the purpose of getting married? You cheated before. Are you really expecting me to believe a piece of paper will stop that from repeating?” Liz replied with a scowl of indignation.

“I didn’t cheat,” John protested. “You saw something innocent and made it more than it was.”

“You know the look of impropriety can be just as bad as reality.”

“Don’t you trust me?”

“Honestly I am not sure anymore,” Liz said.



Face Tag is our Game – Carrot Ranch Weekly Flash – 06/08/17


Kaley looked at Casey with an unsure expression.

“It’s simple. Make sure they don’t see your face. If they do you are frozen.”

Kaley nodded with her understanding. She was totally zoned in until they picked the tagger.

“No!” she thought without speaking. Not him. Anyone but Eric.

Casey saw her expression, tapping her on the arm while asking with her eyes what was wrong.

“It’s nothing. I am good.”

“Wait,” Casey said her look of concern morphing into a wide smile. “I guess I know who you like now, huh?”

“Don’t say anything, promise!”

“I won’t have to.”



When Rocks Make The Hard Place – Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers -06/06/17


Thank you Pamela S. Canepa for our photo prompt this week.

Every year for twenty-four years Pam and I had journeyed through the forest for 3.2 miles to re-visit the most important place in our lives. It was where we had met one summer day when we were fifteen.  It took a handful of years for the orbits of our lives to full align, but once they did they were solid.

The first time we came here was on a picnic. The next was so I could propose and every anniversary since we have re-created some part of our history. But this year that is not possible. This year we have enjoyed so much rain. Well, too much rain, really. Like fourteen days of torrential water that washed out what kept the valley protected from the rocks above.

Now our beautiful spot resembles a hard labor camp for a prison. Rocks abound in all directions, certainly not leaving much of what we loved in place.


Snakes on her Head? – Sunday Photo Fiction – 06/04/17


There was a game Jed and Kelly enjoyed as they moved through their life. Any time they saw a couple they tried to imagine their back story. There was all kinds of tales they concocted over their time together, tales of spies, lovers overcoming obstacles and more.

But when they happened across the sleek black statue at the airport it seemed to stump them and their usual story creation fun. Both Jed and Kelly stood in silence as they took in the piece of art. Watching live people was a whole different experience than trying to build out a story for this unmoving couple.

“Medusa cursed them,” Kelly suggested.

“What?” Jed asked.

“Medusa, you know the lady with the snakes for hair.”

“Yeah, okay. So how did they get her attention?” Jed asked.

“He is her son and she wanted him to marry another,” Kelly answered.

“I can buy that. Boy she got them just before the kiss that would have destroyed her!” Jed finished the story.


Contented as a Couple – Carrot Ranch Weekly – 06/01/17

CRFF060117 “I thought you were gone forever,” Luke said.

“I did too,” Kara said. “When you didn’t asked me to stay I thought we were done.

“You made me promise long ago to never stand between you and what you wanted most.”

“What is that?”

“Your career as an actress.”

“You’re right, I don’t want you between me and it,” Kara replied.

“So what are you saying right now. Am I wrong about all of it?”

“Only some of it,” Kara smiled while lacing her fingers in his.

“Luke. There is no me without you. I want you with me.


I Can’t See You Silly Bears – Friday Fictioneers – 6/2/17

Photo Prompt – copyright Karuna


Sally the baby doll envied Barbie. Not for the reason you think although that did not escape her, but because she had a head that would not swivel. When the bear brothers launched into mischief Barbie could simply turn her head. But Sally couldn’t.

One night Barbie enlisted Ken to “help” Sally get her head unstuck. Sally realized quickly Ken was no genius. “Probably why he chooses to go shirtless,” she thought.

Ken managed to turn her head, but now it was turned to face behind.

She didn’t see the bear brothers light the bottle rocket. But she felt it.