If No One Stops We’ll All Be Late – FF – 01/13/17



Four engines raced for the Penley River Yard. Engine 206, 315, 835 and 999. First there would win a ten-year freight contract.

“Four engines racing together,” Perkins fretted.

“No one has my guts,” 206 Engineer Fred remarked. “They’ll stop.”

“Never been late, not starting today,” 315 Engineer┬ásaid.

“There’s two kinds of late,” Fireman Rob noted.

“I don’t think they’ll stop,” 835 Engineer shook his head.

“Ten years of work is a lot,” Fireman John agreed.

“Ready with the brake?” 999 Engineer Jake asked.

“At this speed it would take a mile!” Fireman Alex worried.

Mayor Kramer swallowed hard as the reality sunk in. A really bad idea.


I am one year on from the decision to begin a new hobby, one deferred while raising the kids with much more demands on time. Now I have a model railroad coming together in my basement. This picture immediately generated so many ideas, but this is the one I liked the most.

If any of you Fictioneers are also model railroad folks let me know, I am excited to connect with others who have knowledge to share.