If No One Stops We’ll All Be Late – FF – 01/13/17



Four engines raced for the Penley River Yard. Engine 206, 315, 835 and 999. First there would win a ten-year freight contract.

“Four engines racing together,” Perkins fretted.

“No one has my guts,” 206 Engineer Fred remarked. “They’ll stop.”

“Never been late, not starting today,” 315 Engineer said.

“There’s two kinds of late,” Fireman Rob noted.

“I don’t think they’ll stop,” 835 Engineer shook his head.

“Ten years of work is a lot,” Fireman John agreed.

“Ready with the brake?” 999 Engineer Jake asked.

“At this speed it would take a mile!” Fireman Alex worried.

Mayor Kramer swallowed hard as the reality sunk in. A really bad idea.


I am one year on from the decision to begin a new hobby, one deferred while raising the kids with much more demands on time. Now I have a model railroad coming together in my basement. This picture immediately generated so many ideas, but this is the one I liked the most.

If any of you Fictioneers are also model railroad folks let me know, I am excited to connect with others who have knowledge to share.