A Boat for Bill – Flash fiction for Aspiring Writers – 5/02/17


Bill Turner was tired. Tired of doing the same old stories every year. He was the senior reporter for the Beacon Herald and had covered every story coming out of Penley River for thirty-seven years. Included in that number was twenty-seven times that he covered the Woodchuck festival. Everyone loved to rib him with the old joke “How much wood could a wood chuck chuck?” Bill really didn’t care. It was his final time having to endure this, so he sucked in a deep breath and headed off to do the work.

Bill made his way through the usual jumble of furry creatures eager to show off their skill. He gradually wound through the crowd to find a couple of sheets tied between two trees. When he parted the sheets he was met with a huge round of applause.

There was a wooden statue of him to the right and a brand new wooden fishing boat like the one of which he dreamed. Several woodchucks stood smiling as they watched the crusty newsman wiping his tears.

“For treating us like equals!” the wood chuck spokesman said.





Dragon Time – Sunday Photo Fiction – 04/16/17

dragon time.png

“Brothers and sisters of the Royal Order of Flying Dragons, I now call this meeting to order. I  want to first thank all of you for assembling in this hallowed place, where our forefathers saw their greatest defeat. ROFD has struggled for too many years under the oppression of the Ninth Kingdom, but that is all soon to be so much history!

Our numbers are legion! Our power never higher than it is today. The alliance with the little dictator on the Asian Peninsula has proven to give us more fuel than ever before!”

Lucius and Sydnor listened to the Big Dragon Who Thought He Could as he powered through this “huff and puff” speech. They were members of the Shadow Six, the espionage wing of the ninth Kingdom, here to make sure the BDWTHC led his forces to the certain defeat they required.

“Little does he know the Billionaire President is going to remove the little dictator on the Asian peninsula. Then all their precious fire juice will disappear!” Lucius said, tugging at his dragon suit to assure their stealth.

“Boom, boom then no juicey!” Sydnor laughed heartily.



Stop Chasing So He Will Say I Do – FFPP – 03/23/17

Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner is one of the quartet of weekly photo prompts I try to frequent each week. I noticed a post over on Joe’s Musings, my mother blog called My List of Regular Blog Challenges is getting a lot of interest and it was created long before I found this, so does not list it. I need to get that remedied.

But anyway Roger Shipp @ A Writer’s Community hosts this event on a weekly basis. He is very generous in allowing 200 words to spin a tale inspired by the picture provided. Give it a whirl!


Marty jammed his radio onto his belt so he could use both hands to loosen his belt a notch. He loved the Japanese quick service kiosk in the airport food court.

He noticed a young woman acting a little strangely and could feel his “spidey sense” kick in. That is what his sons called it when he knew they were up to something and thwarted their plans before they could execute.

The girl seemed especially nervous as she waited in line to get through security. Marty positioned himself so he could watch what she did.

As soon as she cleared security she began to move very fast toward the gate area. Marty followed, watching her tug at a backpack that looked heavier than it should be. When the girl saw him she began to quicken her pace.

He lost sight of her and feared the worst. He had his walkie to his mouth when he rounded the corner to see the girl down on one knee pr0posing to her fellow who was about to board a flight to Africa. Her backpack was open with a small karaoke machine blaring a popular love song. It was a good thing Marty was a romantic.


Dystopia Is Real – Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers -3/14/17


No one knew the real date the world ended because it was done with such stealth. The government wished it could do things this way, but in truth only one organization had this skill. The proof was that no one claimed it was true. Banks kept lending money, people kept getting married, having children and going to their jobs.

The world could have known. Would have if Jacob Smithson had finished his ninety-one mile trip from Scranton to Allentown, PA. He had installed the global warning system there, nineteen stories deep in the earth. It had sapped the entire fortune made from his grandfather’s San Francisco gold mine, but Jacob knew there had to be a way to let the world know.

Almost 75 years later his old car still rested off the two lane road where the Chapman Group agents forced him to stop. His skeleton was scattered for miles in every direction so no proof remained. Now the world was continuing on oblivious to their fate.




Rocks for the Fish – CRFF – 01/19/17

cr011917“Frank, I need more of the six inch slabs!” Jerry told his foreman. “They are for a big job at the Mills’ place.”

“Does she realize the weight?” Jerry asked.

“Don’t matter, she pays cash, the quarry runs on cash, she’ll figure it out.”

Frank nodded as he climbed aboard his dozer to fetch the load. Two hours later the flat bed trailer sagged under the weight.

“What’s she makin’?” Frank asked.

“A fish pond,” Jerry said.

“Must be a big one!”

“It is for the Marlin her husband caught in Malibu. Poor fella can’t let the fish go!”


This is not a true story obviously, but it is where my troubled writing muse led me. I hope you are all well and ready to give us some great stories like you usually do. Happy Friday! This is written for the weekly Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Photo Challenge.




An Irish Fall – FFPP – 01/05/17


He would always remember that day in October when he saw her auburn hair for the first time. Even the beauty of the North Carolina section of the Blue Ridge Parkway, something he had anticipated enjoying for the first time in his life, could not outshine her. Her face was angelic, like something in a catalogue of porcelain dolls.

But it was her voice. That lovely Irish brogue that captivated him. She acted shy at first, but he realized it was more like coy as she found her footing with him through their conversation on the overlook. What he expected would be a ten minute pit stop easily morphed into an hour long date with his destiny.

Carey did not believe in fate. He was a Christian, feeling that any positive experience was sent by God. Allison was that and more, he was positive of that by the time they shared the gorgeous sunset. He drew in a quick breath when she leaned in to let her lips touch his. Was that fireworks bursting in his head? Or was it just the thrill of someone new. He was fine with any explanation.


This is my first try at Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner. It is a weekly writing challenge designed for both the flash fiction newbie and the more experienced writer. Using the provided photo you are budgeted 200 words to make your story. I live about 90 minutes from the Linville Aqueduct, which is the inspiration for this week’s prompt.

White Spaces – Friday Fictioneer – 12-30-16

Photo Prompt – Shaktiki Sharma

Rex Graham stood arms tight across his chest, barely holding his temper. He looked at the marquis he’d invested so much money in to advertise his new show.

“You had one job! Five million people in the city to watch a stupid ball drop could have seen this and it is just a white space!” Graham said.

“I told you it was a risky proposition, this new technology.”

“Two million dollars was supposed to eliminate the risk!” Graham barked.

“I can still make it work!” Hardy offered.

“Otherwise I’ll make a white space just like it in your bank account.”


For Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.



Why – Carrot Ranch -12/1/16


“Mommy why is there a line through me?” little Sammy asked. He was only three years old and did not recognize every sign at the new preschool.

His mother smiled at his description of what he saw.

“It is not really through you honey. It means no boys can go in this room.”




“You’re a boy.”


“God made you that way?”


“Because Sammy is a boy’s name.”

“No mommy I have a friend named Sammy who is a girl.”

“Anyway, you cannot go in this room.”


You are not a girl!”

“Okay mommy!”



The 1% Strikes Again! – FF – 27 May 2016

The Friday Fictioneers photo prompt is live, come join the fun!

Photo prompt copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

“Are you sure this will work?” Millie whined. For eight days every word from her lips was like this. Drew knew being stranded on a deserted island was not the idyllic honeymoon he promised, but who could predict a boat consuming fire?

“It is our best hope. In my nautics course at university I studied these exact currents. From here they flow back to the mainland.”

“But what if the glass bottle finds rocks?” Mille asked. “We’ll die here!”

“Darling there is only a 1% chance the current will direct this toward rocks,” Drew assured her.