Christmas Character Origin Story Flash Challenge



First of all allow me to apologize if you have been looking for this post for nearly a week. I wrongly assumed I could return from my bi-annual international mission trip with my head collected and ready to resume my regular activities. Even after my fourth trip I found my head to be anything but ready to be “back to normal”. Of course that assumes a normality exists in every day life which is a fallacy in itself.

With that out of the way I offer you a hearty WELCOME! If you are still with me this far in then you are one of those willing to try your hand at this Christmas themed challenge. For those just jumping aboard this jingle bell express let me give you the skinny. Between now and Christmas Day I challenge you to write an origin story for your favorite Christmas character. Now we all know there is no end to these types of stories about all the best known characters of Christmas. Let’s try not to copy other’s work, huh?

The rules will be pretty simple. You only have to write enough words to make it a complete story. I would like you to aim for 1,000 at least, but if you can pull it off with less good for you. I am not going to put a top end on it either, because I love to read what others write, so have at it. There are some housekeeping things, so let me list them:

  1. Title your story so we know who you’re writing about.
  2. Add your link to the comments. (I wanted to use Linky list, but it isn’t cooperating.)
  3. Add the #CCOS hashtag and CCOS to your tags
  4. Keep it family friendly, as I might want to share with my friends and family.
  5. Share this post with your writer friends, the more the merrier
  6. Read, Like and comment on the posts of others as we spread our Christmas cheer!

According to how successful this challenge turns out I might try to do this again, so if you have suggestions or tips I want to hear them. Thanks for joining in!