Friday Fictioneers – No More Secrets, America – 8/28/15

It is good to be back, looking at Rochelle’s prompt for Friday Fictioneers. It is a common theme for me to go AWOL during the Spring and Summer from my writing. I love the outdoors, gardening and the great weather, and leaving the computer behind is normal to me. While the weather is still favorable in the mountains of Virginia, I thought I would begin the process of re-inserting myself into my writing regimen. I hope you enjoy!

Photo by Claire Fuller

Joni stood, facing the massive vaults, her face twisted in thought. Mr. Poindexter busied himself, clipboard in hand, reading the status reports in digital from on screens in front of each vault.

Joni noticed there were vaults for Greenland, Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa, Antartica and South America. But conspicuously absent was her home, North America.

“Professor, can I ask a question?”

“Of course.”

“Why not North America?”

The professor smiled broadly and lowered his head to suppress the chuckle that always followed the question. “My dear, with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Ellen DeGeneres, Jerry Springer and reality television shows, America has no secrets left to safeguard!”