Hijacking the Hijackers! – Sunday Photo Fiction – 04/09/17



Everyone could hear the low grumble work up through their leader’s throat before escaping in a sound of disgust. Lars Sunvold shook his head at the sight. He knew his greed would eventually come back to bite him, but in all his dreams this sight never materialized.

Sven, his dependable right hand did the speaking. “Lars, they have hijacked our boat! How can we return home now? We have all this gold but we can’t get it in there and get the boat down too!”

“Yes, that is a big problem for us!” He scanned the area around the boat as it rested safely out of the water some three hundred yards distant. He could see Englishmen everywhere, just waiting for their heroic rescue attempt.

All tensed as rustling in the bushes caught their attention. A smiling Nils approached nodding happily.

“You’ve been with their wine or their women haven’t you?” Sven asked with contempt.

“No, my brother, but I have found something interesting. They left two guards to protect their big boat, the one we saw two days ago. It is more than enough for our needs.

Lars strategic mind quickly warmed to this idea. The possibilities could be endless.





A Tree Too Far? – Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – 04/04/17

ffaw040417.pngNeither Anna or Neil had ever witnessed the awesome power of a volcanic eruption, so trying to gauge the amount of terror they felt as they heard the mighty Mount Kelly belch out the super-heated lava and acrid black smoke was meaningless.

There, that tree,” Neil said.

“Seriously? That twig?” Anna protested.

“When I choose between saving or sacrificing my life I don’t get picky,” Neil shouted over the deafening roar.

“Of course. You are right. I just am so scared I cannot think straight.” She shuddered as she stole a look at the ominous natural disaster at her back.

Neil fashioned a lasso out of the length of rope he fished from his back pack. Their whole future rested on three things: his ability to lasso the tree, its strength and the estimation of how far it was from this ledge to the one that promised an escape.


While I am deep into reading others A to Z Challenge posts I still want to offer up my regular fiction  photo prompt responses. I enjoy the creativity and brevity of making a story pop with just a few words. Come along for the fun, you can find out how here: FFfAW.

How I Started a War By Killing a Dish – Sunday Photo Fiction – 04/02/17


I am not really a student of history. I mean I had to study all of the great wars of history in my classes, but usually there was some horrific instance that ushered countries into bloody struggles. It took a horrible sneak attack on the Pacific fleet to finally pull the U.S.A. into World War II.  How could I know a simple, harmless April Fool’s prank would start this war?

You always hear that bravado is part of a sniper’s make up. Okay, I can admit there is a heaping help of that woven into my D.N.A. But it isn’t all our fault. We are pitted against each other in our training program. It is a process of elimination and upstaging each other from day one. Think of the basketball game horse, but with deadly results when we are trained.

So that is how we came to be stationed on the white cliffs that day while three generals talked turkey. Louie pointed to them holding their coffee and said he thought he could hit the cup on the table behind with a silenced round. I told him I could hit the sugar bowl, which was smaller. I did and now we are at war.


What Price Memories – Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – 3/28/17


“Well. I can tell you it is early twentieth century in origin,” the expert began. He continued to expound on the wherewithal of the piece as Kate’s mind wandered. She had coveted this day for years. Finally the Antique Roadshow was close enough to tote her mother’s prized possession over for a looksee. This old painting had hung over the fireplace in their home for her whole life, all seventy-three years.

“The style tells us this family was well to do, maybe even aristocratic,” the expert continued. Kate could imagine now, just as she had countless times the sound of the piano as the man allowed his fingers to find the keys needed to support the woman’s singing. Kate managed to fit many of her old classical favorites into this scene. This was something from her childhood she vowed never to part with.

“OH MY!” the expert said when he squinted at the artist’s signature.

“What?” Kate asked.

“Would you consider selling this? I’ll give you two million!”



Holey Outlaw Canvas – CRFF – 03/16/17


“What is this?” Inspector Clouseau said as he turned the piece of contraband over in his hand as he surveyed the scene of the latest Art Hater Serial Killer murder.

“Once it was called a canvas,” Yvette said. “For art.”

“Art! Art has been outlawed for a decade!”

“Legislation cannot stop passion, Inspector.”

“Perhaps not, but a slug can,” he said nodding to the lifeless form.

“So we assume AHSK found out about the victim’s art and came calling?”

“Assume nothing, dear Yvette. Check the desk calendar.”

“It just says Moriarty!”

“Holmes’ nemesis? I though he liked all art!”



Cornucopia of Trouble – FF – 02/03/17

Photo Copyright Roger Bultot


Perry strained to see what Alicia pointed to seven stores below.

“I can’t see it!” Perry declared.

“Here use the binoculars,” she said.

Perry peered through the black device and nodded acceptance.

“Blue is ten points, green is fifteen, red is fifty. If you can catch a pedestrian it is 200!”

“I know your mom said to clean out the old fruit from your fridge, but . . .”

“Don’t be a chicken! Are you afraid a girl will beat you?”

“Never going to happen,” Perry said with a tight smile. “You first”

“Oh no!” Alicia said as she dropped her melon, “There’s mom!”


Get Me Central Casting! -Sunday Photo Fiction


Papa Bear crossed his arms as the credits rolled up the screen in their cave. The long awaited big screen version of the most famous tale of all time left a really bad taste in his mouth. Mama Bear tried to breathe in as quietly as possible as she anticipated his wrath. For Baby Bear the story seemed just right, exactly as he remembered.

“Who would ever believe Cumberbatch as a bear? I said get Clooney or Pitt, but no they had to have the Brit.There is no British speaking bears I have ever met.”

“Oh honey, I thought he was wonderful. So was that Keira Knighley. I have always loved her since Love, Actually. How did they ever convince her to play such a distinguished character as me?”

“Another Brit,” Papa groaned. “Since that Downtown Abbey everyone is up and down the stairs crazy.”

“Papa it is Downton Abbey and it is about the upstairs life compared to the downstairs one of English aristocracy,” Baby Bear said. “I think they did a fabulous job. I loved working with Jennifer Lawrence. She was the perfect Goldilocks.”

“Oh dear it is probably because she had a pet bear growing up in Kentucky !” Mama Bear said.


As I wrote this I happened to think I might offend some of you from Allistair’s neck of the world, but I mean this as a purely humor piece with no intent to offend. I hope you all find the humor I tried to insert. I look forward to the continuation of Sunday Photo Fiction and pledge my help to make sure it can.


The Target in the Haystack – FF – 12/16/16


“Is he still holding the rifle?” Jared asked.

“Yep!” Kelly said into her phone. She looked around the corner of the barn to see Farmer Dave pacing the porch.

It was a harmless prank, one Jared needed to complete to join the fraternity. But now he was stuck in the feed ring where hungry horses were quickly destroying his cover. If he was exposed to Farmer Dave he would be arrested if not shot for trespassing.

“How long ago did he feed them?” Kelly asked. ‘They are eating like they are starved!”

“I sure picked the wrong place to hide!”

For Friday Fictioneers


How Can You Forget Reality? -FF 12-09-16

Photo Prompt Copyright Lucy Fridkin


“Even with this virtual reality thingy it’s impossible to imagine,” Haley said. She slowly turned as she watched the scenery.

“You have to consider the fact no one thought it would come to them either,” John replied. “Hawaii was just a non-descript chain of islands, not even thought of as a state on that morning.”

“Imagine waking up to see the sky full of death!” Haley replied.

“Yes, many people had their lives taken on that day. Seventy five years makes a lot of people forget the horror.”

“How could you forget?”

“Sometimes you have to so you can live!”


ph1207Today is the 75th anniversary of the most devastating attack in U.S. military history. Also the impetus of the United States entering the Second World War. Pearl Harbor is something we still remember, even those who were not alive at that time. We cannot let this and other lessons fade as we move on with our freedoms. It is because of those who fought and died in these times we can do what we choose today.