Save the Aliens – Friday Fictioneers – 01/05/18


Bobby checked his watch, panic showing in his eyes. He was scrambling around, trying to connect as many tubes as quickly as possible.

“Thanks for believing me!” he shouted to Annie.

She didn’t. But for the moment it didn’t matter. She loved him and that was enough.

“Tell me once more why we are doing this?”

“Minstar Kaley showed me the plans of the Red League to eliminate all the Dakki on earth. This will allow their escape. I pledged my loyalty to the Dakki after they saved my life.

Annie was speechless. Love only goes so far you know.






Details Matter, Santa – Sunday Photo Fiction – 12/24/17


Red lights and buzzers blare all over Santa’s workshop as little elves scrambled to and fro, knowing the spot they were in. This was a Armageddon equivalent event. There was less than sixty minutes to lift off and the sled, THE SLED, was damaged and in need of repair.

Normally the top shelf elf crew could do anything, but there was a special piece they had never learned to master that was due for it’s 100 million flight miles upgrade. Buddy the elf had been the one charting the use, but since he had gone to the big city to find his dad the job fell to Curtis the Elf. But Curtis’ math skills weren’t the same as Buddy’s and a missed decimal meant this part was overdue.

An emergency call to the only guy capable found an answering machine response. With snow covering every road there was no telling where he might be helping someone else.

Santa wrung his hands as he considered his mess.






I hope you will all permit a brief commercial, but I would like to get all the fiction lovers to join me in a Christmas themed 7 day flash fiction serial. I will post a theme and you will have 7 days of 1,000 words to build your story. It will start on December 12 (mainly because I will be out of the country the first ten days of December). If interested please let me know.

Eight Heads to Cover – Friday Fictioneers – 12/20/17




For the mother of octuplets there is nothing more stressful than finding eight outfits exactly alike. Carrie wouldn’t have bothered if it weren’t for the contract with the Cosmo Kramer Agency which had all but totally financed her brood’s first decade of life. Sure there was a ton of public appearances and commercials, but how many dollars had they provided?

Carrie’s anxiety faded when she entered the store her friend Elise recommended. She smiled when she saw the stacks of hats before her. Finding eight matching hats would be no trouble this year.

“You want all eight?” the clerk asked.






For those that have answered the call for the Christmas themed flash I mentioned today is the day we begin. You can find the link to the challenge here:

Christmas Character Origin Story Flash Challenge



Boney’s Beefy Shadow – Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – 12/19/17




“Well Boney, that is what you must  have looked like at one time,” Janitor Phil said as he swept up the confetti from the last Christmas party of the week. This museum was certainly one of the most kid-friendly in the city. Rather than untold numbers of signs denying children the chance to exercise their curiosity this museum invited it.

Phil had talked to the dinosaur skeleton every night as he made his way through collecting the trash and restoring the playground to its pristine origin.

“I will admit, if I saw you like that outside I would feel a certain amount of fear!”

Phil pushed the pile collected in front of his broom further past the display as he nodded confirmation if his last words.

Phil froze when he heard an unexpected noise behind him.

“Boney! You scared the life out of me!” Phil said when he turned to see a big bone from the skeleton had worked loose and crashed to the floor.




For those that have answered the call for the Christmas themed flash I mentioned today is the day we begin. You can find the link to the challenge here:

Christmas Character Origin Story Flash Challenge



Christmas Character Origin Story Flash Challenge



First of all allow me to apologize if you have been looking for this post for nearly a week. I wrongly assumed I could return from my bi-annual international mission trip with my head collected and ready to resume my regular activities. Even after my fourth trip I found my head to be anything but ready to be “back to normal”. Of course that assumes a normality exists in every day life which is a fallacy in itself.

With that out of the way I offer you a hearty WELCOME! If you are still with me this far in then you are one of those willing to try your hand at this Christmas themed challenge. For those just jumping aboard this jingle bell express let me give you the skinny. Between now and Christmas Day I challenge you to write an origin story for your favorite Christmas character. Now we all know there is no end to these types of stories about all the best known characters of Christmas. Let’s try not to copy other’s work, huh?

The rules will be pretty simple. You only have to write enough words to make it a complete story. I would like you to aim for 1,000 at least, but if you can pull it off with less good for you. I am not going to put a top end on it either, because I love to read what others write, so have at it. There are some housekeeping things, so let me list them:

  1. Title your story so we know who you’re writing about.
  2. Add your link to the comments. (I wanted to use Linky list, but it isn’t cooperating.)
  3. Add the #CCOS hashtag and CCOS to your tags
  4. Keep it family friendly, as I might want to share with my friends and family.
  5. Share this post with your writer friends, the more the merrier
  6. Read, Like and comment on the posts of others as we spread our Christmas cheer!

According to how successful this challenge turns out I might try to do this again, so if you have suggestions or tips I want to hear them. Thanks for joining in!


A Five Star Performance – Carrot Ranch Weekly Flash – 12/07/17



When you are so well known you cannot go anywhere without turning heads it can sometimes be a drag. So Erwin chose to sneak into the Belikin Community Theater in disguise so he could be in the Christmas play he loved as a youth. Only his dear childhood friend Elyse, the director had any idea a Hollywood star graced the stage.

“Well?” she asked after the play was finished.

“I miss this,” Erwin said.

“We could make it a regular thing. I am happy to have you.”

“If my agent finds out she will go berserk!”

“So, don’t tell.”





Look for the Fictional Christmas Character Origin Story post on December 14th.


Peeling a Prince – Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – 12/12/17



Emily knew some of this mind-blowing experience was due to her exasperation in her search for love. But . . . hearing a small creature speak to her in words she could understand had her off balance. She looked around to see if anyone was watching her before she answered.

“You have to understand this is highly unusual. So you are telling me if I peel away the exterior and wrap my hands around you it will break this fairy spell and return you to human form?”

“On my honor as the Prince of Camalote I swear my honesty and promise my forever devotion,” the creature replied.

Emily considered her track record and immediate possibilities and decided she would be no worse off if this ended in disappointment.

“Sure, why not?”





For those that have answered the call for the Christmas themed flash I mentioned before I want to share the theme today. I am thinking about an origin story for your favorite Christmas character. Santa, Mrs. Claus, the elves, the reindeer and yes, even Frosty are fair game. I won’t fuss if you pull in Yukon Cornelius, the Abominable Snowman or any other Christmas character from movies or television. Just keep it solidly with a Christmas theme.

Look for the Fictional Christmas Character Origin Story post coming on Thursday December 14th.



Insecure Writer’s Support Group

It’s the first Wednesday, so time for the IWSG monthly post where writers can share or commiserate with their peers about the creative process.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could dive into our writing projects while maintaining the enthusiasm and energy from beginning to end? I confess it takes a lot to accomplish this ideal standard, especially since so far I haven’t accomplished this. Blame it on life, lack of focus, fear of failure or another factor, but it all boils to the same result, unfinished work.
I am four days into a week abroad with eleven others on an international mission trip in Belize.The slower pace of life and removal of unlimited distractions in my normal routine were EXACTLY what I needed at this point in my writing life. Most of you know the past month was NaNoWriMo and I had grand plans to dive into the historical novel I brainstormed during the 2017 A to Z challenge. But I slipped into a deep writing funk in early September and just could not muster the rally to give NaNo my all.

In truth I likely contributed some portion to the funk by writing too much. I know, I know, writers are supposed to write, but I have three unfinished manuscripts that should receive more focus than my blogging. One of my main goals for 2017 was to submit to a publisher. Well to do that you must possess a finished, polished work and sadly I don’t. But that, at least will change.

On Saturday we will wing our way home and I will have about eight hours to edit and polish two of my manuscripts. I have learned how to get them on my Kindle app so I can use my tablet for editing. Yes ladies and gents, boys and girls there will be a sea change to witness.

Also on this trip I have decided to devote a sum of money to the editing and publishing process. I also want to travel to some writing conferences.

Now for your part. If you know a good economical editor let me know as I am looking. The same goes for U.S. based writing conferences.

I say it at the start of every year, and I always mean it, but 2018 WILL BE THE YEAR!!!

Another Frozen Love Story – Friday Fictioneers – 12/08/17

It was the 8th day of December when Sydney finally got her long awaited engagement ring. Zac had to wait until everything was coated in ice to hatch his plan to replicate the scene from her favorite movie. When he called she was eager to respond.

“Are you going to tell me why we have to be out here?” Sydney  asked.

Zac couldn’t believe she hadn’t clued in yet. He carefully led her out to the tree and bench where her surprise awaited.

“You know, there is something familiar about this. Oh . . .oh my!” She said when it came together.


Right now I’m in Belize on the backend of a 7 day mission trip, but when I  return I will post the details of my Christmas Origin Story Fiction Challenge. All are invited.