Rock Diplomacy – Carrot Ranch Weekly 02/02/17

cr020217.png“I’m not moving it,” the Virginia highway worker said.

“Nor am I,” his Tennessee counterpart insisted.

The trouble was the large boulder had come to rest on the state line and neither man saw a majority of the rock in their jurisdiction. Had there been a noticeable portion in either the decision would be simple.

“We can split it in two, then take care of our half,” Virginia said.

“Not with my tools,” Tennessee nodded negatively.

“You’re not suggesting I use mine?”

“Well someone must,” Tennessee stated.

“Let’s call the feds. We can claim interstate commerce or something.”



This is inspired by a city nearly twenty miles to my west called Bristol. Running through the middle is the state line between Virginia and Tennessee.




He Snookered Himself – CRFF- 01/12/17

CR011217.png “Now that’s what I am talking about!” Kirby declared pounding his fist on the desk. “Let little Miss Bleeding Heart get a load of that!”

He slid the dolly underneath and wheeled the two boxes around so they fully blocked Lizzie Hardy’s office door. She would struggle all day to navigate the impediment.

The next day all the office staff gathered at the request of their young boss.

“I’m not sure if you know this but I wholly support the environmentally-friendly recycled toilet paper industry and thank you so much for the gift left outside my office door yesterday!”


For those who don’t know how this works and think I have lost my mind, this week Charli Mills at Carrot Ranch introduced me and possibly others to a company from Australia that is a pioneer in the environmentally-friendly recycled toilet paper. I am not sure I want to know any more about the process, but it was the prompt for this week!


Who’s Afraid of Rattlesnake Eggs?



Randall twisted the button with the rubber band threaded through as he held the paper clip frame tight. He could hardly contain his glee of pulling his most ingenious prank ever on his old buddy Don. Don was terrified of snakes. This would send him screaming.

“Hey man, what’s happening?” Don said when he arrived.

“Oh nothing I am just getting ready to check out this thing Harmon sent”

“What is it?” Don asked. He took the envelope and began to open it.

“Rattlesnake eggs!” Randall guffawed.

With the pressure released the button rattled loudly against the envelope.



This is my response for the Carrot Ranch Weekly Flash Fiction Challenge. I come from a family of pranksters so the ideas are many about how to best any target. My uncle was a biology teacher for many years and this particular prank was employed on several occasions.

Hot & Cozy – Carrot Ranch Weekly 12-29-16



Sophie tossed everything in her arms on a nearby chair as she drug herself in the door. Closing another case was exciting, but also so draining. All she wanted was to fill up her claw foot tub with hot water and soak until all her cares were wiped from her mind. She knew the soak would not erase every bit of stress but it would help quite a lot.

She lit six candles in the room after starting the water, then slowly disrobed and eased into the steaming water. She could feel the tension ebb away as she settled.


This is my 99 word response to the photo prompt offered by Charli Mills for the weekly Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge


Gander at the Mannequins – Carrot Ranch – 12-8-16


“I told you Mandy had a mannequin figure!” Joel said to Mike.

“Wow you are right!” Mike said. He took his third gander at the Christmas display in the department store window. Joel’s girlfriend along with a half dozen other friends were doing a real life mannequin challenge. If they could keep their poses for another thirty minutes they would collect $400.

“What kind of yarn did you sell that poor girl?” Mike asked.

“No selling required. She could see the real me.”

“Did her eyes glass over like they are now?” Mike said nodding toward the window.

“Not ever!”


This is for the Carrot Ranch Weekly Flash Fiction for 12-8-16.

Why – Carrot Ranch -12/1/16


“Mommy why is there a line through me?” little Sammy asked. He was only three years old and did not recognize every sign at the new preschool.

His mother smiled at his description of what he saw.

“It is not really through you honey. It means no boys can go in this room.”




“You’re a boy.”


“God made you that way?”


“Because Sammy is a boy’s name.”

“No mommy I have a friend named Sammy who is a girl.”

“Anyway, you cannot go in this room.”


You are not a girl!”

“Okay mommy!”



Carrot Ranch Flash – 11/17/16


Today I celebrate crossing 39,600 words of the 50,000 word target for NaNoWriMo. I have made connections with so many writers with all kinds of writing and publishing experience to share. I am so excited about taking the WIP I have worked on this month forward to pitch it to an agent and ultimately a publisher. In the meantime I will find another 99 words to fit the picture that follows:


“The last dry log,” Perkins declared, placing the piece of wood on the dimming fire.

“There is no more?” Alice questioned.

“None,” Perkins confirmed.

The six remaining survivors of Flight 169 shivered in the ever increasing snowstorm. Thin airline blankets were no match for single degree temperatures on Mount Raymond.

“We’re going to die,” Mandy said.

“Don’t say that!” Eric said pulling her closer.

“Why don’t they come for us?” Jerry asked.

“They don’t know where we are!” Kelly answered.

The wind howled as the conversation stopped while everyone watched the fire begin to consume the last dry log.

She Wants, He Wants – Carrot Ranch Weekly – 11/9/16

This is another brief respite from the NaNoWriMo wars! As of this writing I am just north of 28,000 words of my 50,000 word target. The action has passed the first climax as I work on a Three Act model with everything falling in place toward the final conflict resolution. But I wanted to circle back for this week’s Carrot Ranch prompt. What’s 99 words between friends?


Jenny sat with her arms crossed tightly over her chest. She only plied her arms apart long enough to keep the evenly flowing tears wiped away so she could see Aaron’s expression as she talked. She was silent now after almost a half hour of presenting her case of how much she wanted to be Aaron’s only love.

He sat on an opposite couch with his lips tight for what seemed like an eternity to Jenny. She waited for the words her heart knew were coming.

“Thing is Jenny, I don’t want that with you. You’re not my person!”


Monkeys Can Fly – Carrot Ranch Weekly 11-2-16

I am back for the second time to answer Charli Mills Carrot Ranch Communication Challenge. This week our lead in involves the concept of flying monkeys. Enjoy!


The Yankee fan sat at the bar waxing philosophic about his championship rich franchise.

“My Yankees could win every year if Steinbrenner was still there!”

“That’s bull,” The Red Sox fan replied. “Even Epstein ran out of magic! He was so bad he had to go to stinking Chicago! The Cubs will be World Series Champions the same day a monkey starts flying!

The bartender turned up the sound on the television as he listened to the  men and grinned as he realized his bet of the Cubbies winning Game 7 in extra innings was about to pay off.