Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Rodeo


Greetings to all my fellow Flash Fiction lovers. If you are looking for another vehicle to stretch your writing chops you have found it here. Carrot Ranch is hosting the first of eight Flash Fiction contests in October. I am a day past the official kickoff, but never fear, you have until October 10th to join in.

Earlier this week I was thrilled to receive the news that I was elected to Congress! Well, thankfully not our U.S. Congress, because that is one more mess. No, the Congress of which I speak is the Congress of Rough Writers, an esteemed group of wordsmiths from around the world specifically recruited to represent the Carrot Ranch.  As A Rough Writer it is my duty to spread the word about the writing possibilities at the ranch.

The first contest, which is hosted by Norah Colvin, who hails from the Land Down Under, is called When I Grow Up. Basically you will use 100 words to do the following: Cast yourself back to six years of age, knowing what you do of life in the present; what would you want to be when you grow up and how would you go about achieving that goal? Tell us in 100 words, no more no less. It can be real or imaginary, serious or light-hearted. Extra points for comparing it to your childhood choice, if you remember it.

I am going to post the link tot he page here: When I Grow Up

But now I will put together my response. It will not see this blog until the day the judging results are announced, but I hope you will check back then.


Could Be Unexpected – Carrot Ranch Weekly Flash – 09/14/17





“The tide will smash it to smithereens,” the youngster exclaimed.

“Could be,” The old timer said as he patiently carved more detail into the exquisite sand castle.

“There is too much weight,” a fellow claiming to be a civil engineer weighed in.

“Could be,” the old man nodded.

“Don’t you feel like you’re wasting your time>” A woman suggested.

“Could be,” He replied.

A few hours later the tide finally reached his creation and everyone wanted to see what the riptide would do.

But instead the water flowed right through.

“Ebb and flow,” the old man explained.






Carrot Ranch – 08/31/17

The Energizer Corey – Carrot Ranch Weekly Flash – 09/07/17


Corey took a deep breath as he pushed out the last words for this seventy two minute stop. Now it was off to the Explorer’s Lounge for the Newlyweds Match game where couples would try to see how much they knew each other. He had hosted the Voice of the Ocean, a Sled Dog Puppies petting session and a bingo game, but his day was not nearly half over.

“How do you do it?” Junior Cruise Director Caitlin asked.

“Never stop. Get your plan in mind, pick the fastest route between and don’t stop when you’re tired!”

I just returned from seven days aboard the Emerald Princess on a journey to the 49th state of our union and I got to see the cruise director, Corey do exactly what I described. Busy did not begin to frame the work this fellow executed over 168 hours.

Alaska2017 072







Carrot Ranch – 08/31/17

If You Can Spell It, You Can Date Me – Carrot Ranch Weekly Flash – 08/31/17

crff083117.png Not to mention if we were a couple how much fun we could have rubbing everyone’s nose in it!” Gabe finished his impassioned appeal. Zoe was the one he wanted to be with more than any other and he felt like this was his best chance to convince her.

“I’ll tell you what,” she said turning to the shelf with reference books on it in the school library, “I’ll pop open this dictionary and put my finger on a word with my eyes closed. Spell it and I say yes!”

“Okay,” Gabe smiled.

“Here,” she said. “Antidisestablishmentarianism!”







Carrot Ranch – 08/31/17

The Red Baron Is Up To Something – Carrot Ranch Weekly Flash – 08/24/17


The first couple of times and maybe for the third escape of The Red Baron the warden at West End Correctional ate boxes of antacids. His facility was nationally known for being escape proof. But then the mysterious packages were foundin his office, right on his desk. Cuban cigars, the good ones! Kentucky Bourbon from his favorite distillery. He came to realize the TRB was doing this for fun. While he could not let it go unreported or unpunished he thrilled at the possibility of the next surprise.

In solitary TBR planned his final escape.









Carrot Ranch – 08/10/17

We’ll Take The Broken America! – Carrot Ranch Weekly Flash – 08/17/17



The bus driver had hauled untold souls from the still gleaming NASCAR track to the various parking lots ringing the massive arena billed as the “Last Great Coliseum”, seeing folks from all of the nation and world.

As always, he asked where folks were from.

“Kentucky!” one answered.

“Florida!” another voice said enthusiastically.

“Croatia!” a father offered.

“I’m sorry?” the driver said turning and expressing surprise, wondering if he heard right.

“Croatia,” the man repeated.

“Can I ask why you chose to come?”

“Because this is still the land of opportunity and we want to live here!”


I hope you will allow this fictional recount of a real life experience shared with us by a school bus type shuttle that was operating this past weekend at the massive NASCAR track in Bristol, Tennessee billed as The Last Great Coliseum, with seating for 156,000.

As we squabble about such things as statues and feel as though removing symbols of history will right the wrongs there are still plenty of people looking for a fresh start enthusiastic to take this flawed country as it is.





Carrot Ranch – 08/10/17

What’s Berry Picking without Music?- Carrot Ranch Weekly Flash – 08/10/17


This was the first time Ed had picked berries in so many years. The dream job pulled him to the other side of the country and away from his family and traditions. Still, something seemed strange about this berry patch he remembered so well. Try as he may he couldn’t place what it was.

Two hours later while emptying his smaller container into the larger one he began to sing. His mother, sister and cousin peeked out of the berry bushes to listen as he crooned a song sung by his grandfather years before.

“That’s my boy!”






Carrot Ranch – 08/10/17

As Transparent as the Water – Carrot Ranch Weekly Flash – 07/26/17




Justine could not pry her eyes away from the crystalline beauty before her. She stood inches away from the lapping waves wishing she could see into Tim’s heart as easily as she watched the tiny seas creatures playing in the waters here. But his heart was guarded because of his past.

She knew she could help him, when he was ready to let her. But when that would be was what gave her pause. In her gut she felt like he was worth the wait, but every voice around her said different.

She alone had to decide.




Carrot Ranch – 07/13/17

My Sister the Piemaker – Carrot Ranch Weekly Flash – 07/20/17

crff72017 “It is nothing more than a cracker,” Emma groaned.

“It’s fine honey, it is your first try. You will get it.”

“Johnny loves pie and I want the one I make to be perfect!” she poked the picture in the magazine of a fabulous looking lemon meringue pie.

“Honey the person that made that masterpiece has likely been doing it for decades,” her mother replied.

“Is it really that hard?” Kayla, the little sister asked. She took her own try and within minutes had a pie that looked pretty much how Emma wanted hers to come out.



Carrot Ranch – 07/13/17