What’s Berry Picking without Music?- Carrot Ranch Weekly Flash – 08/10/17


This was the first time Ed had picked berries in so many years. The dream job pulled him to the other side of the country and away from his family and traditions. Still, something seemed strange about this berry patch he remembered so well. Try as he may he couldn’t place what it was.

Two hours later while emptying his smaller container into the larger one he began to sing. His mother, sister and cousin peeked out of the berry bushes to listen as he crooned a song sung by his grandfather years before.

“That’s my boy!”






Carrot Ranch – 08/10/17

As Transparent as the Water – Carrot Ranch Weekly Flash – 07/26/17




Justine could not pry her eyes away from the crystalline beauty before her. She stood inches away from the lapping waves wishing she could see into Tim’s heart as easily as she watched the tiny seas creatures playing in the waters here. But his heart was guarded because of his past.

She knew she could help him, when he was ready to let her. But when that would be was what gave her pause. In her gut she felt like he was worth the wait, but every voice around her said different.

She alone had to decide.




Carrot Ranch – 07/13/17

My Sister the Piemaker – Carrot Ranch Weekly Flash – 07/20/17

crff72017 “It is nothing more than a cracker,” Emma groaned.

“It’s fine honey, it is your first try. You will get it.”

“Johnny loves pie and I want the one I make to be perfect!” she poked the picture in the magazine of a fabulous looking lemon meringue pie.

“Honey the person that made that masterpiece has likely been doing it for decades,” her mother replied.

“Is it really that hard?” Kayla, the little sister asked. She took her own try and within minutes had a pie that looked pretty much how Emma wanted hers to come out.



Carrot Ranch – 07/13/17

Pay No Attention to the Woman in the Parachute – Carrot Ranch Weekly Flash – 07/13/17

CRFF071317.png Sally never expected to be here. She even took steps to correct her errant ways, joining a group formed to assist those with impulse problems.

Yet, here she was with her hands on the opening of a small aircraft tasked with delivering her to the ‘jump off’ point of her first skydiving attempt. While staring at the checkerboard of specks below she thought about the disapproving visage of Mr. Elliot, the group leader.

Her face screwed into a look of terror when she remembered the ‘drop in’ picnic for her group in the park below. There was no escape!




Carrot Ranch – 07/13/17

Woman Overboard – Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction – 07/06/17

crff070617.png Wayne gripped the rail of the light hose beacon house as tightly as he had anything short of his beloved Claire. She knew this storm would be bad, but she was determined to make her run. Just one more job.

The water churned away while the wind roared. Wayne futilely wiped the rain from his face trying to catch a glimpse, any sing really, that she might be out there. But there was only more darkness, more despair to find.

“Why you stubborn woman, why?”

It took three days for her boat to be found. Her body never was.



But I Can Have a Dream Too! – Carrot Ranch Weekly Flash – 06/22/17




CRFF062217.png  Erin studied Eric’s speech he had spent so many hours on, checking and rechecking it as her good friend requested.

“It’s great except for one thing. You can’t use the ‘I have a dream’ line at the beginning.”

“Why not?”

“There is a very famous speech with that line you don’t want to copy.”

“Doesn’t every speech reuse some words from another?” Eric asked.

“I suppose, but I think you should try again on your opening,” Erin said handing the papers back to Eric.

Two days later Eric began his speech like this: “Dreams are the mind cataloging memories!”



Face Tag is our Game – Carrot Ranch Weekly Flash – 06/08/17


Kaley looked at Casey with an unsure expression.

“It’s simple. Make sure they don’t see your face. If they do you are frozen.”

Kaley nodded with her understanding. She was totally zoned in until they picked the tagger.

“No!” she thought without speaking. Not him. Anyone but Eric.

Casey saw her expression, tapping her on the arm while asking with her eyes what was wrong.

“It’s nothing. I am good.”

“Wait,” Casey said her look of concern morphing into a wide smile. “I guess I know who you like now, huh?”

“Don’t say anything, promise!”

“I won’t have to.”



Contented as a Couple – Carrot Ranch Weekly – 06/01/17

CRFF060117 “I thought you were gone forever,” Luke said.

“I did too,” Kara said. “When you didn’t asked me to stay I thought we were done.

“You made me promise long ago to never stand between you and what you wanted most.”

“What is that?”

“Your career as an actress.”

“You’re right, I don’t want you between me and it,” Kara replied.

“So what are you saying right now. Am I wrong about all of it?”

“Only some of it,” Kara smiled while lacing her fingers in his.

“Luke. There is no me without you. I want you with me.


All Trades Are Not Created Equal – Carrot Ranch Weekly – 05/12/17

crff051217.png “For sure it is a tired cliché,” Donaldson heard his doppelganger say. “Trading places would be easy though. You take over my business and I yours.”

“You know nothing about building hydro dams and I nothing about building cruise ships,” Donaldson answered.

“We both sit in offices the whole day. How often do we actually do the work?”

“True,” Donaldson said. “Why not. For thirty days then we switch back.” The men shook and parted, ready to live a different life.

The doppelganger phoned his boss minutes later.

“We’re good. I will tank the stock at first light sir!”