Fiction in 50 – 04/24/17


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Bruce has challenged us to craft a story using fewer than 51 words on the following topic:


“Like the Three Stooges? Won’t that hurt?”

“It’s the paying job, man!” the director offered.

Stuntman Joey nodded slowly.

Slamming up against multiple doors as they shut on pre-arranged intervals to complete the scene, Joey was sure he had several concussions.

“Cut and print!” the director said.

“Hallelujah!” Joey shouted.

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No Bones About It, I am Not Coming – Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – 04/10/17


Thanks Maria for offering this week’s prompt.

“I know their is a skeleton down there. I saw it during the dry season. If you jump in that area you will land on it.” Sherry said panic in her voice and etched on her face.

“A skeleton? Really Sherry, how many horror movies did you watch this week?” Bram joked. He continued to slide off his shoes and socks before he attempted the double somersault he had declared would be his showcase dive into the cool refreshing pool.

“Bram I mean it. If you jump in there I am leaving. I don’t want to see you die here.”

“Okay. First of all, if there is a skeleton it is inanimate, not a chance it will try to harm me. If I land on it the skeleton will disintegrate and then you can follow me in.”

Sherry look anxiously at the water.  She breathed hard as she considered his words. She was nearly sold until he dove in and came up holding something that resembled a leg bone.




We Need Women Engineers! – FF- 01/20/17

Copyright – Dale Roberson


“WHERE ARE THE MIRRORS?” Alice screamed.

“Keep your voice down, there are too many people nearby. If everyone finds out we will not get our shot,” Kim said in a loud whisper.

Alice shuffled down the hall, rushing to her prize. Just inside the ribbed walls were three mirrors that could reshape your body forever. You only had to stand within the outline in the mirror and push a button.

“Three choices, Marilyn Monroe, Dolly Parton and Kim Kardashian,” Kim grumbled. “Who came up with this?”

“No doubt a man!”

Alice pondered her future, breathed in deeply and made her choice.


Ideas were slim this time, but hopefully it will generate a laugh or two. Thanks to Rochelle for hosting and to all who take time weekly to read and comment. It means a lot to me to know folks enjoy my creations.


Who’s Afraid of Rattlesnake Eggs?



Randall twisted the button with the rubber band threaded through as he held the paper clip frame tight. He could hardly contain his glee of pulling his most ingenious prank ever on his old buddy Don. Don was terrified of snakes. This would send him screaming.

“Hey man, what’s happening?” Don said when he arrived.

“Oh nothing I am just getting ready to check out this thing Harmon sent”

“What is it?” Don asked. He took the envelope and began to open it.

“Rattlesnake eggs!” Randall guffawed.

With the pressure released the button rattled loudly against the envelope.



This is my response for the Carrot Ranch Weekly Flash Fiction Challenge. I come from a family of pranksters so the ideas are many about how to best any target. My uncle was a biology teacher for many years and this particular prank was employed on several occasions.

Carrie Me Over – Sunday Photo Fiction – 01 Jan 2017


“So she will signal us it is okay by dousing the lights?” Cal asked.

“Yes,” Mike nodded. “When the lights go down that means she has reached the control room where she can also disable the electric gate. Once that happens we are home free.”

“If she doesn’t get caught,” Cal stated the obvious, the worrisome part of all of this adventure. So far Carrie was regarded as a friend to the state, an asset really. Her father was the man in charge, so she had great latitude in her movement, one of the big reasons Mike befriended her.

Being labeled as subversive meant their lives would never know freedom. Mike and Cal could not stomach that kind of life, so they were about to embark on a harrowing attempt to race the thirteen miles from here to the border and freedom. If they could get out of this first enclosure. Everything depended on Carrie and her stealth.

Cal looked at his watch and back at the lights. It was past the time they agreed on for her to make her move. Had there been complications? Was she discovered? Was she really with them?


Forever Starts Now – Sunday Photo Fiction 11/27/16

The idea of Sunday Photo Fiction is to create a story / poem or something using around about 200 words with the photo as a guide.


Tom didn’t want to believe it was true, but here he stood outside the train station in Lisbon, Portugal all alone. When they met on the isolated beach in Bermuda it had all seemed a dream. She was gorgeous with her long slender legs, a bikini body any man would dream for and a face of an angel. He never had believed in love whether at first sight or ever until that very second. Merita Carbones had mesmerized him, pulling him deep into her heart.

The plan was to meet here, now after she returned to Spain to tell Hernando she wanted him no more. Tom checked his watch to make sure he had not computed the time difference from home incorrectly. He scanned the train platform as worry filled his chest. Where was she?

Merita clutched a small bag with a few of her belongings while she hustled down the steps. She missed the early train, but there was time to catch the later one. Tom would wait, she knew that.

She stopped on the last step when Hernando cleared his throat.

“You promised me forever. Forever starts now!”


Carrot Ranch Flash – 11/17/16

Today I celebrate crossing 39,600 words of the 50,000 word target for NaNoWriMo. I have made connections with so many writers with all kinds of writing and publishing experience to share. I am so excited about taking the WIP I have worked on this month forward to pitch it to an agent and ultimately a publisher. In the meantime I will find another 99 words to fit the picture that follows:


“The last dry log,” Perkins declared, placing the piece of wood on the dimming fire.

“There is no more?” Alice questioned.

“None,” Perkins confirmed.

The six remaining survivors of Flight 169 shivered in the ever increasing snowstorm. Thin airline blankets were no match for single degree temperatures on Mount Raymond.

“We’re going to die,” Mandy said.

“Don’t say that!” Eric said pulling her closer.

“Why don’t they come for us?” Jerry asked.

“They don’t know where we are!” Kelly answered.

The wind howled as the conversation stopped while everyone watched the fire begin to consume the last dry log.

She Wants, He Wants – Carrot Ranch Weekly – 11/9/16

This is another brief respite from the NaNoWriMo wars! As of this writing I am just north of 28,000 words of my 50,000 word target. The action has passed the first climax as I work on a Three Act model with everything falling in place toward the final conflict resolution. But I wanted to circle back for this week’s Carrot Ranch prompt. What’s 99 words between friends?


Jenny sat with her arms crossed tightly over her chest. She only plied her arms apart long enough to keep the evenly flowing tears wiped away so she could see Aaron’s expression as she talked. She was silent now after almost a half hour of presenting her case of how much she wanted to be Aaron’s only love.

He sat on an opposite couch with his lips tight for what seemed like an eternity to Jenny. She waited for the words her heart knew were coming.

“Thing is Jenny, I don’t want that with you. You’re not my person!”


APCO – Affirmative, Positive, Caring and On My Way – FriFic 11-4-16

FriFic time again. Enjoy!


Steven stared at the vintage signs. His eyes flicked back and forth as he thought about  Cammie’s text. “If yes look behind the Apco sign. If no look behind the Gulf sign.” He climbed out of the car and searched all over for the Gulf sign, but couldn’t find it. He shook his head as he brought up the text again and re-read it to make sure he was understanding.

Then he smiled. He understood her meaning. She only wanted the answer to be yes. He went to the Apco sign and pulled out a paper with her new address.