Detective Sophie Marcus

Every writer dreams of creating a franchise character, one to helm a series of books. With hat in mind I came up with Detective Sophie Marcus. She is a single mid-30s inestigator with a sharp mind and ability to see past the deception of her suspects. While crosswords and Sodoku drive her nuts, solving murders makes her excited. She is confident, smart and unwilling to allow justice to be denied to anyone who deserves to pay for their crime.

I will include any stories with Sophie on this page. I hope you will give me your opinion of the character development.

Friday Fictioneer Installments

Freedom Flower – 3/15/13

Equine Wisdom – 3/22/13

The Lie Exposed – 3/29/13

Finding Beauty in the Ugly – 4/6/13

What Would You Do – 4/12/13

The Hornet Chronicles – 4/19/13

Not the Usual Suspects -4/26/13

You Be Mine, I’ll Be Yours – 5/3/13

The Trifecta Serial

Episode 1 – Brand

Episode 2 – Turkey

Episode 3 – Charm

Episode 4 – Mask


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