The Battle of the Old Birds

This is my first stab at a new weekly flash fiction challenge, but you all know how much I enjoy them. This one is host by Charli Mills on her blog Carrot Ranch Communications. Weekly Charli posts a photo and challenge and asks writers to use no less and no more than 99 words to respond.

october-19 This week the challenge centers around a raptor. The photograph at left inspired my story idea and I hope you enjoy. please leave a comment if you will.


Anderson watched the evil bird circle as his fingers drummed on the old oak table holding his rifle and its ammunition. This raptor had snatched another of his breathing stock just moments ago and when it returned for dessert Anderson would make it another prize for his taxidermy filled back wall in the cabin.

Sure, they were majestic creatures, but much more so when they stayed aloft and didn’t thin the herd.

“I am ready anytime you want to try again old bird,” Anderson said.

The screech announced the time was nigh, so he shouldered the weapon and waited.



Tubing or Living? Easy choice!

FriFic for October 28, 2016. . .enjoy!!!


“You guys do this every year?” the newcomer asked.

“It is a tradition. On October 28th of every year we race to see who can get through first.”

“If the tube pops you are out?”

“Yes,” Alex said pulling the fully inflated tractor tube around his waist.

“No way two tubes fit in that small width,” Newcomer commented.

“They have before, but usually we get stuck,” Alex replied as he strapped on a bicycle helmet.

“You Americans sure have some weird sports,” Newcomer assessed.

“What do you do in Kenya?”

“Run from predators mainly. It is a full time job!”


Tic-Tac-Toe and Then GO!

Hello to my fellow Fictioneers and any here to see what all the fuss is about. It is about making something from nothing or more accurately from a simple photograph along with 100 well-chosen words. Here is my interpretation of Claire Fuller’s photo that follows.


“What the heck are they doing now?” the gruff pysch hospital guard groused.

“Some kind of complex tic-tac-toe,” the nurse at the desk sighed. “Such a waste!”

But Leonard and Simon were not just playing a game with the knick knacks in the frame. For them it was a model of the ward and how they could break out. The statute of limitations on their crime would expire in twenty-four hours and this seemingly meaningless arrangement was their way out.

“You think they have a clue?” Simon asked.

“These clowns? No way, we will be sipping Mojitos in three days!”