Xavier Willis – Chasing Red Silent – 2018 A to Z Challenge – Day 24


For the 2018 A to Z Challenge my topic is a new book about one of my recurring characters in the weekly flash fiction invitationals I frequent, a top flight detective named Sophie Marcus. Sophie is a single woman in her late thirties who is running from a demon.



Finding new people to improve your department is the goal of every person in a supervisor position. Few people in this role have a good connection upstream to the collegiate or training organizations who can offer such candidates. But Captain Xavier Willis of the Charleston, South Carolina police force was one who did. Thanks to a familial bond of a sister married to the instructor known as simply Quetsch he got the news of the talented young detective in training known as Sophie Marcus.

Willis saw just as quick as most what an exceptional find she was and quickly put her to work with his most senior detective, Harry Zetter.

Here is an excerpt:

“Marcus and Zetter,” Willis said just before he closed the daily meeting of the detective corps.

“Present,” Zetter said, once again generating laughs across the room. He had a way of lifting the mood no matter what, simply by his presence.

“You two are making the entire department look good these days. Fantastic work on the Martin case.”

Scattered applause accompanied Willis’ words, which Zetter met with a dramatic bow.

“I taught her everything I know,” Zetter replied.
“. . .which took three and a half minutes,” Sophie chimed in to roaring laughter from the entire room.

“Wow! I am mortally wounded,” Zetter said with the back of his hand pressed against his forehead in mock distress.

“Alright, enough of that,” Willis said, working to hold his serious expression. “Hit the streets!”







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