Detective Tom Welling – Chasing Red Silent – 2018 A to Z Challenge – Day 23


For the 2018 A to Z Challenge my topic is a new book about one of my recurring characters in the weekly flash fiction invitationals I frequent, a top flight detective named Sophie Marcus. Sophie is a single woman in her late thirties who is running from a demon.



There was no stampede in the Portland P.D. for a partner when Sophie landed there. Word travels fast in all closed environments and the assessment that she was damaged goods had an extra impetus as it rolled through the station house. Only those detectives in a position of high seniority had the luxury of choosing their partner. For Tom Welling the seniority divide hit just right or just wrong as the case was.

Welling was sympathetic to Sophie’s situation, a fact he would not divulge to anyone on the force, but it was because his mom had mental troubles. He knew ho people would rush to judgment, basically marginalizing anyone they felt was too different from them. However the truth of Sophie’s experience conversely made him like her more.


Here is an excerpt:

Tom watched Sophie as she scanned the crime scene pulling from all her senses. He knew he was learning a new way of analyzing crime just by being in her presence. Perhaps it would make the difference like nothing else had when he tried for Senior Detective. He was aware that being her partner made him more visible if she would fail, but so far that was not the case.

He made sure not to stare when he felt like she was going to look his way. Sophie needed to have someone believe in her from the department and he was willing to give her that. But she was somewhat fascinating to watch as she processed her thoughts.

“Oh no, you’ve drunk the Kool-aid too,” a female patrol officer said when she slid in beside him.

“Officer Padilla, how’s life treating you?” Welling said, ignoring the dig at his partner.




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