Umbrella Shopping – Chasing Red Silent – 2018 A to Z Challenge – Day 21


For the 2018 A to Z Challenge my topic is a new book about one of my recurring characters in the weekly flash fiction invitationals I frequent, a top flight detective named Sophie Marcus. Sophie is a single woman in her late thirties who is running from a demon.



The first time Sophie ever got to buy a present for her mother was when she was seven years old and her father took her shopping for a birthday present. Sophie was adamant that only one gift would do, a Hippopotamus pattern umbrella like one her mother had when she was a child.

Their journey for this purchase was to a local antique store Sophie frequented where she would spend hours rummaging through pieces of the past. Her mind catalogued every item she ever saw and when the thought settled that the umbrella was the right gift it was as good as set in stone.

Here is an excerpt:


Sophie slowly made her way down one aisle, then another and finally a third before she stopped and peered into a jumble of items. Her father stood with the owner who smiled as he watched the young girl at work.

“She says it is in here,” Elijah told him with a doubtful tone.

“If Sophie says it is here, it is!” the store owner replied.

They could hear grunting coming from where the seven year old worked and shortly thereafter they saw the beaming smile as she made her way toward them with her treasure. In her hand was exactly what she described, an adult sized umbrella with the hippopotamus design like the one her mother had years ago.

“How in the world . . .” Elijah began






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