Sophie – Chasing Red Silent – 2018 A to Z Challenge – Day 19



For the 2018 A to Z Challenge my topic is a new book about one of my recurring characters in the weekly flash fiction invitationals I frequent, a top flight detective named Sophie Marcus. Sophie is a single woman in her late thirties who is running from a demon.

Sophie Marcus loves the water. From the moment she visited Charleston, South Carolina for her job interview she knew she always wanted a home address where she could smell and feel the ocean breeze. The culture of a city on the water was probably what enticed her the most. All the water craft and associated goings on seemed to draw her in. It was a major reason she landed in Portland, oregano when she realized she had to flee Charleston for her own sanity’s sake.

Her favorite place in Charleston was The Battery. In Portland she was still seeking the locale that would give her the same feeling of peace and serenity. Of course Red Silent’s legacy made finding any kind of peace or tranquility elusive. Sophie hated he was so deep in her head. Doctor Tauscher said he was only as powerful as she let him be, but that seemed pretty powerful to her.

Here is an excerpt:

Sophie was lost in a moment, one from her last days in Charleston. It was shortly after Red Silent appeared at a crime scene hours after another victim was reported. She didn’t see him of course, no one did, but he made sure they knew he was there. It was an eerie photo of Sophie and Tom assessing the scene taken from a vantage point to unprotected that she would have easily spotted him had she been looking. Red Silent was like that, he wanted you to self-doubt every step you made/

If only she could use his arrogance against him. But how? She knew Doctor Tauscher would vehemently oppose such a plan. So would Captain Redmond and certainly her partner Tom. But no amount of counseling or protection would give her the freedom from this demon she sought. No. Only defeating him and putting him in a hole somewhere would accomplish that.

Sophie could only imagine a faceless person behind bars, but it was enough to bring the faintest smile to her face.


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