Boney’s Beefy Shadow – Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – 12/19/17




“Well Boney, that is what you must  have looked like at one time,” Janitor Phil said as he swept up the confetti from the last Christmas party of the week. This museum was certainly one of the most kid-friendly in the city. Rather than untold numbers of signs denying children the chance to exercise their curiosity this museum invited it.

Phil had talked to the dinosaur skeleton every night as he made his way through collecting the trash and restoring the playground to its pristine origin.

“I will admit, if I saw you like that outside I would feel a certain amount of fear!”

Phil pushed the pile collected in front of his broom further past the display as he nodded confirmation if his last words.

Phil froze when he heard an unexpected noise behind him.

“Boney! You scared the life out of me!” Phil said when he turned to see a big bone from the skeleton had worked loose and crashed to the floor.




For those that have answered the call for the Christmas themed flash I mentioned today is the day we begin. You can find the link to the challenge here:

Christmas Character Origin Story Flash Challenge




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