My Big Brother Made Me Do It – Friday Fictioneers – 10-20-17



Willie wasn’t very thrilled about the concept of a little brother. Then his friends at school explained how he could redirect the wrath of his parents for his mischief to the new progeny who enjoyed boundless grace. From that moment Willie saw an avenue to increase the mischief quotient exponentially.

“You see that limb?” Willie asked Kenny. “We want it to bounce off.”

Willie smiled as his brother practiced and perfected the method.

Soon his  least favorite teacher approached, so he urged Kenny to try again. By now Kenny was nearly expert.

“OWWW!” they heard someone scream.

“Run!” Willie advised.



I hope you will all permit a brief commercial, but I would like to get all the fiction lovers to join me in a Christmas themed 7 day flash fiction serial. I will post a theme and you will have 7 days of 1,000 words to build your story. It will start on December 12 (mainly because I will be out of the country the first ten days of December). If interested please let me know.






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