That Bird Sounds Like My Wife – Friday Fictioneers – 10-13-17


Doug loved birds from his youth. He was fascinated by them. The way they could fly was so thrilling. But he disliked their shrill sound. Years of schooling in ornithology prepared him to change the one negative.

Some called him a monster. But Doug persisted, just wanting to fully enjoy his passion.

“Subject number 99762P. Let’s see what you have little fellow,” Doug said to the latest test subject.

“Who do you think you are messing with my voice!”

Doug’s shock nearly allowed him to miss his wife’s uproarious laughter. She had hid a tiny speaker under the bird’s wing.


I hope you will all permit a brief commercial, but I would like to get all the fiction lovers to join me in a Christmas themed 7 day flash fiction serial. I will post a theme and you will have 7 days of 1,000 words to build your story. It will start on December 12 (mainly because I will be out of the country the first ten days of December). If interested please let me know.






15 thoughts on “That Bird Sounds Like My Wife – Friday Fictioneers – 10-13-17

  1. Liked this. A number of twists. Reminded me of a very much darker story I once saw on Tales of the Unexpected where a man kills his (horrible) wife and his new girlfriend ends up with her eyes. Ugh

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