Puzzle Master – Sunday Photo Fiction – 09/24/17


Anna had a complex, but beautiful mind. Unlike the true life story of the fellow with a beautiful mind she was a fully functioning member of society. Her exceptional gift was the ability to solve puzzles, any puzzles. Before she was five she was knocking out the local newspaper’s crossword. The editor of the Beacon Herald scoffed at the idea a kindergartner could solve his puzzles, but when he watched her live a special bond was forged.

After that he found more and more complex puzzles for Anna, but each time her mind adapted swiftly and overcame the challenge in short order. Then the editor heard about something that was an old practice in New England where the turning of leaves is such a celebrated event. His new challenge to Anna sent a surge of excitement through her somewhat bored noodle.

The new challenge was to take a collection of leaves and without laying them on top of each other to blot out as much of the neon red background as possible. Anna’s interest was finally piqued again!


Sunday Photo Fiction – 9-24-17



11 thoughts on “Puzzle Master – Sunday Photo Fiction – 09/24/17

      1. Susan, I made my first trip there in 2012. I prayed for God to empty me out and fill me with Him so I could see where He could use me. Five years later I have a wonderful relationship with an American missionary there and am looking forward to eight over-packed but fun days with her at her mission place.

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