A Surge of Despair – Sunday Photo Fiction – 09/10/17




Baskins found himself in a perpetual conflict. On the one hand he knew the reality, but in his heart he hoped for mercy. Living in Florida provided him with great weather almost the entire year. Sun, fun and easy living were the main draws when he pinpointed the Sunshine State as his home.

But with any good there is just a large a potential for bad. A Category 4 hurricane was beyond bad, it was catastrophic. Especially when the room you rented with all your earthly possessions was barely four feet above the flood plain. More than once heavy rainstorms triggered his concern, but so far none had been a serious threat.

This time the threat was a solid promise. With the addition of the high tide the surge would be 6-9 feet, easily consuming his Fortress of Solitude. If her were Superman he could have executed some kind of dazzling deflection of the storm, but he was a humble janitor and all he could do was wait patiently to put his skills to work cleaning up the aftermath.

Sunday Photo Fiction – 9-10-17



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