What Secret Identity – Sunday Photo Fiction – 08/13/17



Technology always catches up with everyone, including Superheroes. It happened to Wonder Woman first when the scientists took the time to bite into stealth technology. Her invisible jet suddenly became the subject of intense scrutiny which lead to her having to convert to alternate transportation.

Next it was Thor and his hammer, Batman and all his toys and even the mighty Hulk having to jump through hoops instead of smashing things. But through all this one superhero stood tall. He was still leaping tall buildings and outrunning bullets with ease.

But then technology got into his business in a bigger way than any of the others because cell phones began erasing his most vital tool, the phone booth. Superman knew where every phone booth on Earth was, so being able to pop in and make the change was no big deal.

But now the numbers were dwindling at such a rate he was concerned about his secret. How would he continue to do it?




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