Here Is Where You Can Stick Your Sign – Sunday Photo Fiction – 08/16/17


Folks from all over town continued to gather for the show. All knew it was coming, because the history of the two families was so well known.

Facing off on Main Street was two of the town leaders, McCamis and Staley. Their faces were red and their voices growing ever louder. Staley, as the head of the public works was here in an official capacity. It was his task to keep things running smoothly in the town. Occasionally that meant he had to inconvenience some for the good of the whole. But to choose this day to do so was what had McCamis so mad.

“You know my family has crossed this route on this day for over 100 years to commemorate Grandfather Boyle McCamis’ final push to regain the city from our enemies.”

“It is fifty feet, go around!” Staley growled.

“One hundred five times we have cast our steps on this path and today will be no different!” McCamis sneered.