As Transparent as the Water – Carrot Ranch Weekly Flash – 07/26/17




Justine could not pry her eyes away from the crystalline beauty before her. She stood inches away from the lapping waves wishing she could see into Tim’s heart as easily as she watched the tiny seas creatures playing in the waters here. But his heart was guarded because of his past.

She knew she could help him, when he was ready to let her. But when that would be was what gave her pause. In her gut she felt like he was worth the wait, but every voice around her said different.

She alone had to decide.




Carrot Ranch – 07/13/17


Ugly Ducklings Be Gone! – Flash fiction for Aspiring Writers – 08/01/17



Alex had dreamed of this day for years. Well, maybe not quite that long, but months at least. Being the ‘ugly duckling’ to older and more beautiful sisters built a sort of expectation that love would prove elusive to her for a long time. But then everything changed. She began to grow from her five foot stature into the tallest sister.

Contacts and braces chased the duckling image into the shadows. With this change came a new confidence and bright smile. The smile. That is what caught Evan’s eye at freshman orientation. A few weeks later and they were an item, spending every free moment together.

She couldn’t believe how her life could’ve changed so much so quickly. Now here she was enjoying a breath-taking view of the clearest waters she had ever seen. With her fingers laced in Evan’s, she leaned against him as they sat in the sand and breathed in the salty air. Perfect.