When Aliens Lose Their Head – Sunday Photo Fiction – 07/23/17





The detectives milled around the ‘head’, trying to determine just what kind of break in the case this was. No one had believed aliens were robbing banks in the quad state area. But so far all the video tape reviews reflected a flawless execution of robberies with a crew dressed as aliens. From head to toe every detail was covered.

“Someone spent a fair amount of cash to make all this happen. How much do you think they would have to steal to break even?” one detective asked his friends.

“A considerable amount. It kind of makes you wonder what is the point?”

“The amount they have taken has increased each time. The alien factor has made the bank folks kind of skittish. They put up no opposition when it happens.”

“They are a bunch of weirdos. My buddy Todd sais they all want the aliens to visit their bank. Says its a kind of game to them,” an older detective shared.

“What are you saying man? They are in cahoots with the aliens?”

“Aliens? Don’t tell me you are a believer. Look at this thing.”




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