Missed It By . . . Oh Well – Sunday Photo Fiction – 07/23/17


The best project managers know how to pick their award winning teams. Such was the reputation of Harry Warner. But when it came to finding the best engineer for his masterpiece project Harry only wanted one: Special Al. Special Al was formally known as Aloysious Fremin Cuyahoga.

But as Harry reflected on all the choices he made that particular one may have been his doom. Right now his million dollar sea craft was not sliding through the water. No it was still on its way into the sky. Because Special Al had live up to his reputation of once in a while missing the mark by just a fraction. Physics sometimes threw Special Al a big curve.

“I told my mother she ruined me with that online school Al said as he watched the ground below still growing smaller,” Al protested.

“I think it was all the ship launch fail videos you watched,” Hamilton the project financier chimed in. “You were sure that would happen to us.”

“What I wanted, intended really was something that would guarantee a smooth launch,” Special Al replied.

“If we survive the fall,” Harry said, “It will be the launch to remember!”



10 thoughts on “Missed It By . . . Oh Well – Sunday Photo Fiction – 07/23/17

    1. While a multi-purpose craft would be the most economical for exploration when you specifically design one for a particular environment any use beyond the intended is a violation of the warranty!

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