The Smallest Meteor – Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner – 07/18/17


“There is scientific proof,” Alex declared, poking his bony finger in his old friend’s chest. It was an exchange that repeated itself so many times over their eighty year friendship that no one even reacted any more.

“My old friend, you are slipping,” Burt exclaimed, lifting his hands in the air to accentuate his feelings of despair at how errant his friends opinion could be. He studied the opening again, nodding knowingly about how this particular natural phenomenon had come to be. “There is no way a meteor could have done that. The damage would have been much more substantial!”

“Don’t you know meteors are whittled away by our atmosphere,” Alex protested. “It’s in there, I promise you!”

Burt knew the only way to satisfy his friend was to join him in an impromptu expedition into the opening. It took some time for the two octogenarians to accomplish the task of reaching the opening, but alas they stood in the mouth, staring at something incredible.

“That’s the smallest I have ever seen!” Alex declared triumphantly.




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