Magoo’s Close Call – Friday Fictioneers – 07/21/17

Photo copyright – Kent Bonham


The officer waited patiently while the older man rubbed the bump on his head created from the near calamity.

“I remember eights. Lots of eights,” the man began.

“Eights?” The officer asked.

“Yes my boy, an eight to my left, one to my right and one smack dab in the middle. Probably left an imprint right here! Can you see it?”

“No sir. Let’s try the color.”

“Uh, let me see. It was red, orΒ definitely blue, no green, definitely green or maybe black,” The older gentleman babbled.

“Are you sure it was a car?”

“Yes son I’m not blind!”

I loved Mr. Magoo when I was a child. He was voiced by Jim Backus, most famous for his turn as Thurston Howell the Third on Gilligan’s Island.




24 thoughts on “Magoo’s Close Call – Friday Fictioneers – 07/21/17

      1. I had a brain injury that virtuall wiped out most of my life. I have very little memories, a few smells, sounds, etc. Mr. Magoo has eluded me until I saw the picture of him you posted.


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