Maybe the Fence Will Keep Goldilocks Out – Sunday Photo Fiction – 07/16/17

Copyright – Mike Vore


At first Rowan posted the No Trespassing sign. He meant it too. There was a history to this place worth preserving in his mind. But the visitors, unwanted as they were,continued to frequent the place.  The draw was a mystery to him since he was just in the beginning stages of restoration.

The next step was a fence, six feet high which should have cut down the flow. But it didn’t. Rowan could see the continuing wear and tear even as he and his crew worked to correct the effects of age and neglect on the structure.

Next he recruited his friend Abner to mount a camera to document exactly what was happening. His friend called two nights later laughing so hard Rowan could not hear a word he was saying. Rowan already had the info on how to access the video with his computer, so he booted up his laptop and settled on the couch to take a look.

He sat with his mouth open as a family of five bears climbed his fence and made themselves at home in the house.



SPF – 07/16/17


15 thoughts on “Maybe the Fence Will Keep Goldilocks Out – Sunday Photo Fiction – 07/16/17

  1. You made me laugh, I agree with CEAYR, you will need more porridge, and might i suggest you place it on a table outside with a large jar of honey.

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