I Can Hear You! – Sunday Photo Fiction – 07/09/17


A great deal of thought went into the choice of the van to use for this stakeout. There was quite the catalogue of choices, including plumbers, electricians, satellite televison companies, florists and more. But the quarry the police wanted proved himself crafty time and again. Finally the navy blue exterminator’s van was chosen as the most unlikely to raise suspicion.

The officers settled in for what they expected to be a long haul.

“What do ya think?” Jenkins asked.

“Could be in there, could be in Scotland for all we know. The bloke is a slippery one!” Caswell replied.

“Usual bet?” Jenkins asked.

“Might as well. First twelve hours you get lunch and second twelve I will buy dinner. But if we don’t see or hear of him by morning we tag off.

Above the van an inconspicuous antenna allowed the one they were seeking to hear every word.

“Daphne, I thought you said the police were sending their best after me,” Bennigan said,

“That’s what I heard at the station. Caswell and Jenkins, the best in the whole department.

“HA! Then I have nothing to fear!”Spf070917


15 thoughts on “I Can Hear You! – Sunday Photo Fiction – 07/09/17

  1. Loved your take on this prompt! I love how you’ve picked out the van there – all the other takes on this prompt (including my own) all centre around the actual pub. Nice twist at the end haha, thanks for sharing this great story 🙂

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