Expensive Snake Scene – Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – 07/04/17

Photo Copyright – Kecia Sparlin

Norm did not consider himself a snake hunter. He billed himself as a pest eradicator, but for whatever reason his specialty had evolved to be a snake hunter. Rattlesnakes, cotton mouths, copperheads and any other slithering menace considered a threat to man.


So far he could count a half-dozen solid bites with numerous near miss experiences. The knowledge of whether too many bites built resistance or toxicity was only anecdotal to him, but he expected the longer he stayed in the business the more factual his experience would prove.

“So you can get them all?” his newest customer asked.

“I should. The rate is $125 per.”

“I will gladly pay it. My movie cannot continue until you clear the set. It is costing my many thousands per day.”

Norm nodded knowingly, with the understanding of how some people could not function arounf the slithering pay checks.

I wrote this with Harrison Ford in mind. Bothe his character, Indiana Jones and he himself were afraid of snakes. In Raiders of the Lost ark if you pay attention you can see the Plexiglas divider between all the snakes and Indy in one scene.




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