When Penguins Drink – Friday Fictioneers – 07/05/17

It was never pretty when the penguins found the alcohol. Keeping things black & white was an unwritten rule on the continent of Antarctica. But when Bart and Arnie had their “Breaking Amish” adventure they experienced colors for the first time. All kinds of colors presented themselves immediately.

“What’s that? Arnie asked.

“How should I know, but I am trading in my boring black top for it,” Bart said.

“I don’t think the elders will take to that so well,” Arnie declared.

“As long as we don’t wear them on festival nights they’ll never know!”

“Good point!” Arnie agreed.

Friday Fictioneers 07/05/17


19 thoughts on “When Penguins Drink – Friday Fictioneers – 07/05/17

    1. I was in the car riding back from our vacation in Washington, D.C. when I wrote this. It is a wonder it made sense at all. We accumulated 54,000 steps over three days visiting monuments, museums and other fascinating stops.

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