The Privilege of Location – Friday Fictioneers – 06/23/17

Photo copyright – Ted Strutz

Gaambatuu’s eyes were wide as he approached the ferry terminal. Wider even, if possible, than when they boarded the wide body jet in his home country of Botswana for his first international trip. It was something Charlie wanted to do for his friend he’d met during his mission trip to Africa the year before.

Gaambatuu shook his head as the ferry filled.

“Amazing?” Charlie asked.

“Wondrous. You pay so little for so much. I could move my entire village and livestock on this. But it would cost many times more.


“We are privileged.”

True, my friend.”

I was struck in my first “real” international mission trip in 2012 to Belize how bog a difference there is in our cultures. The things we take for granted are luxuries or simply unheard of for the average person. Many people here me talk about going to Belize and immediately entertain the thoughts of the tourist and luxury parts of the country, but I have only been to that part once in three trips, and only for about two hours counting our lunch in a restaurant.



18 thoughts on “The Privilege of Location – Friday Fictioneers – 06/23/17

  1. Love your story, I mean, really looove it! I’ve traveled with missions and such and rarely if ever saw the “touristy” side of life in those countries. I’ve always seen the simple existence and have stood in awe and sometimes fear of it. Other cultures are so wonderful… mostly until modern society comes in and destroys them. I cherish the memories of those times very, very deeply. Came home appreciating the “luxuries” of running water so much more.

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    1. I clearly remember standing before my closet on Sunday morning after flying in Saturday night trying to decide what to wear to church and feeling sick to my stomach over the excess. Since then I have really dug in with a strong relationship with a friend in Belize and am able to make an impact.

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      1. I came home thinking something similar. I didn’t have much, never had much, or so I believed. When I came home, I was happy just to have real walls, flush toilets, water at the faucet, and the clothes on my back. I dream of someday going back to revisit some of those places, not to change them, just to be reminded, and maybe bring medicines and medical care. It’s the last item on my bucket list, so it might be a while.

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      1. There is two pages at the top of the site, Belize Posts and Belize Mission Trips. In Belize posts look at The Heart House Blessing and So You Want to Build a Library to see the main things that got me tied in.


  2. Great take on the prompt.
    I wrote a short story about a missionary home on furlough who’s invited to stay with friends and given their daughter’s room. She opens the closet and counts over thirty pairs of shoes. And she thinks of how many bottles of multivitamins that money could have bought to save kids’ lives. And she has major feelings to deal with.

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