Snakes on her Head? – Sunday Photo Fiction – 06/04/17


There was a game Jed and Kelly enjoyed as they moved through their life. Any time they saw a couple they tried to imagine their back story. There was all kinds of tales they concocted over their time together, tales of spies, lovers overcoming obstacles and more.

But when they happened across the sleek black statue at the airport it seemed to stump them and their usual story creation fun. Both Jed and Kelly stood in silence as they took in the piece of art. Watching live people was a whole different experience than trying to build out a story for this unmoving couple.

“Medusa cursed them,” Kelly suggested.

“What?” Jed asked.

“Medusa, you know the lady with the snakes for hair.”

“Yeah, okay. So how did they get her attention?” Jed asked.

“He is her son and she wanted him to marry another,” Kelly answered.

“I can buy that. Boy she got them just before the kiss that would have destroyed her!” Jed finished the story.



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