I Can’t See You Silly Bears – Friday Fictioneers – 6/2/17

Photo Prompt – copyright Karuna


Sally the baby doll envied Barbie. Not for the reason you think although that did not escape her, but because she had a head that would not swivel. When the bear brothers launched into mischief Barbie could simply turn her head. But Sally couldn’t.

One night Barbie enlisted Ken to “help” Sally get her head unstuck. Sally realized quickly Ken was no genius. “Probably why he chooses to go shirtless,” she thought.

Ken managed to turn her head, but now it was turned to face behind.

She didn’t see the bear brothers light the bottle rocket. But she felt it.



14 thoughts on “I Can’t See You Silly Bears – Friday Fictioneers – 6/2/17

    1. No, the ‘Shirtless Wonders’ will only cause you trouble. Thanks for reading. I think I passed near your home on Sunday if you are from Jellico Tennessee. We took a trip to the Ark Adventure in KY and came back on 75.


      1. I live up north in Kentucky, near the Ohio River, about 30 min from Ark. Would love to see it, but costs two months groceries. Maybe, when I get to heaven I’ll get to see the real thing.

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