Sophie’s Choice – Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – 05/29/17

Photo copyright – Yinglan

Sophie let her mind sift through the catalog of memories to search for the last time she had been sitting somewhere waiting on a stake out like this. January 22nd of 2007 outside of the Handlebar Saloon. That was long ago, before she made detective. These days this kind of time was not something to be wasted on a murder case. But this witness refused to meet anyone but her. With the mayor so adamant that this case be solved immediately, really what mayor wasn’t impatient, Sophie agreed to break her unwritten rule and submit to the mind-numbing wait.


The trolley slowed as it reached the point of drop-off and Sophie stood to meet her source. But to her surprise there was not one person with a red scarf, but more than she could count. She felt her displeasure mount within her and decided the witness had panicked and was trying to disappear.

“Detain everyone with a red scarf,” Sophie said into her lapel mike.

This is a recurring character in my fiction writing, Detective Sophie Marcus. In time I intend to put together a longer treatment with her and her partner, but for now I am just developing her character traits in snippets like this. This is my entry for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.




14 thoughts on “Sophie’s Choice – Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – 05/29/17

    1. I do to Michael. For these weekly fiction jaunts I use a lot of one-off characters, so it is nice to have the familiarity of a recurring one. You begin to fill in some curves to give them shape and definition.

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  1. That’s a nice little snippet! I’ll be reading your previous posts so I can re-acquaint myself. I was not able to get back to you again in a long while. But when I click on FOLLOW, I do not just do it to say thanks. I really do mean to follow šŸ™‚

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  2. Detective Sophie seems like a “I’m not here for jokes” kind of character. I am also doing something similar as yours, but mine is of two detectives, “D.I Lucy and D.S Fenworthy”. Goodluck

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