Is it in the cards? – Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – 05/09/17

FFfAW050917 There are arenas all around the world where the most recognized sporting events are set. The kinds of locales known across the spectrum of interest: Wimbledon, Augusta and the like. But in all the world there was only one that mattered to the Kenner Valley Bridge Club. It was the manicured 24 x 24 foot square where they would decide the 111th Bridge Championship.

From 32 teams they had whittled down to the prerequisite two. The favorites, from the city, was the sister duo of Harriet and Hailey Carmichael. They would attempt to win their third straight championship and seventh in the last decade and a half. Their confidence was unshakable, especially since they considered their opponents to have no chance.

But Ally McNeal and Carrie Shuman knew the game so well they had hardly sweated through their side of the playoff bracket. They weren’t afraid of failure because they had nothing to lose.

The murmurs subsided when the quartet settled in their seats. A capacity crown awaited this epic battle, along with the hysterics the Carmichaels always brought with them.



12 thoughts on “Is it in the cards? – Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – 05/09/17

  1. Great story! Bet the newcomers win! I had to laugh at the “capacity crowd” because that area doesn’t look like it would hold too many onlookers 🙂


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