Ring, Ring Cash or Ring, Ring Boom! – Sunday Photo Fiction – 05/07/17


A cell phone ringing in the city was not unusual. Millions rang every day. But this was one of those cell phones that were all over the news. The red ones. The ones that brought extreme happiness or extreme fear and loss. The authorities cordoned off every one they found after a half-dozen experiences. Sure two people answered the phone with the reward of more money than they could spend in ten lifetimes. But on the other four occasions thirteen lives were ended when the devices exploded.

This time when the phone began to ring the police presence was more than ever before. It was necessary because there was still enough folks desperate for money that would take that awful chance. No authority had any knowledge of a difference in ring between the cash phones and those that brought death. All they knew was that a new type of terrorism was created with no leads to provide their suspect or suspects.