Zeke Barton – Steel Horse Saviors – 2017 A to Z Challenge – Day 26

Z.jpgSteel Horse Saviors is about three Civil War veterans, two Yankees and one Rebel, who take their steam locomotive west to seek their post-war fortune. In the process they encounter Clementine O’Grady a auburn-haired beauty fighting to save the family business that causes each of them to reconsider their efforts to escape their various pasts.

Zeke Barton is one of the few remaining employees that joined O’Grady Timber & Lumber at its inception. Beginning as a lumber jack Zeke quickly rose to be the foreman as he proved his worth to Angus. Having a dependable second allowed Angus to concentrate on spinning up the lumber side quicker than he expected.

Zeke wants to continue with O’Grady timber & Lumber for as long as his body will allow, but the financials are just as clear to him as they are to Clementine. But the possibilities tossed around by this new trio give Zeke a hope foreign to him for almost a decade. He sees a future where O’Grady Timber & Lumber is the only show in Penley River.

Here is an excerpt:

Zeke knew Clementine would immediately resist the possibilities these three strangers presented. She was fiercely loyal to her father’s legacy. But they weren’t really proposing to take the business to a new plane, just offering ways to restore all operations so that it could be what it once was, a commercial powerhouse.

Brou was his favorite of the trio. The little mechanical whiz seemed to have a golden touch. Zeke could feel the hair on his neck bristle as Brou merely mentioned firing up both saws at once. There was a brief time, maybe three solid years where both machines ran simultaneously. He was almost giddy thinking about how big a moment that would be.

With this post I have done what was never done before, at least for me, and survived the 26 post A to Z Challenge. On Monday or perhaps Tuesday I will roll out a reflections post with links to all the Steel Horse Saviors posts, a list of new bloggers I found during this adventure and my review of the experience.

If you have been along for the ride I thank you. We are solitary beings most of the time and taking this time to connect is good for all of us. Good luck as you continue on through your blogging journey. If any of you are eyeing the 2017 NaNoWriMo in November let me know. We can build out a NaNo Group.


4 thoughts on “Zeke Barton – Steel Horse Saviors – 2017 A to Z Challenge – Day 26

  1. It has been a joy to join you on this journey. I’ve loved getting to know your characters and look forward to the book. I think I mentioned in one comment that I’m into Western fiction lately. Let me know when it’s out!


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