A Sound for the Ages – Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner – 04/26/17


When I began my construction business I wanted to use my great grandfather’s hammer and pliers. He built nearly an entire town with his tools. Many of the tools did not survive him and his five decade career, but these did. I have no illusion they could last my career, if it lasts as long as his, but I could start with them.

I wish his knowledge was something that could seep from those tools into my hand, enter into my blood stream and find my brain. I know I will learn many things that became second nature to him as he completed each job along his path. Many of my tools are technologically superior to his, meant to make the job easier, but all the physics are still the same.

Angles, leveling, solid foundations and more won’t ever be replaced by a fancy tool. Only careful measurement and the willingness to question every move are the best ways to ensure good projects.

I think my favorite sound is the old worn steel of great grandfather Will’s hammer driving the nails home. Yes, That is a sound for the ages.




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