Can you hide the Garden? – Friday Fictioneers – 04/28/17

Photo copyright – Liz Young


Tom Richardson was a good detective. One that followed orders. These orders weren’t that difficult to follow and understand. In place fifteen yards from the scene of this latest crime all kinds of thoughts poured through his head. He was glad Sophie was away. She could and would solve the murder in Perry Bay.

But eventually she would return to the office and catch wind of this. Captain Redmond ordered him to stay silent, shut her out. The last time this madman struck it nearly brought her down. The evidence was plain enough to know HE had returned. Sophie’s Devil.  


Thanks to all for your great support of last week’s post. I am trying to develop a signature character that I can base a series on named Sophie Marcus. She is a mid-30s detective genius. She will have the same kind of irritating quirks all detectives seem to bring with them. This is not a serial, but another stand alone piece I may weave into her first long form work.


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