Henrietta’s Secret – Sunday Photo Fiction – 04/23/17

secret Henrietta knew this day would come. She had nightmares about it for the first few years, but when nothing happened she began to allow herself to believe all would be well. Now she watched the new gardener as he rolled his wheel barrow out to the tree. The very same she had loved and then feared for so long.

It wouldn’t take long for the word to spread around her town. It was small, with very few people to fill the need she had. Her initials and his would be an easy mystery to decipher. Then the supposition would begin and quickly their secret child would be no more.

Part of her, the piece that had guarded and feared the secret so long wanted to stop this process. But the realist, which as she aged became stronger in the battles of her mind, knew the time was past for this to be revealed. With her mother’s mind in its present condition she would not even understand the ramifications of the letters carved into the tree. But how would she explain it all to Lily, the child who thought she had no father?




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