Where Do They Hide the Navels – Carrot Ranch Weekly Flash – 04/20/17

crff042017.pngJerome never had seen belly dancers, at least not in person. When he imagined it he chose to rely on the one image burned into his mind, that of a beautiful Barbara Eden in her genie outfit. So one could imagine his excitement when he saw their would be belly dancing in this three hour dance recital.

When the music began Jerome sat up in anticipation, but ten seconds later he sank back dejected. There was no Barbara Eden to bee seen anywhere near the stage. Instead it resembled a cruel joke. There was plenty of belly on display.

I am not sure this came off as funny as I intended, but it is a true story. At least seven or eight years ago I attended one of these marathon dance recitals and the belly dancers that made their appearance were nothing like Barbara Eden either. Without being unkind they were just a little older than a belly dancer in their prime.

April 20 Flash Fiction Challenge



4 thoughts on “Where Do They Hide the Navels – Carrot Ranch Weekly Flash – 04/20/17

  1. Alas, by the time a woman feels free to express herself, often she’s no longer Barabara Eden! You have to go see the young belly dancers at the Mediterranean restaurants, but they truly can’t dance. But dance wasn’t the goal, was it? 😀 It came across with the intended humor, Joe!


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